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Technics 1200 MK7 Technics 1200 MK7

A New Chapter: Technics SL1200 MK7

Since its release in 1972 the SL-1200 has been constantly evolving, meeting the requirements of professional DJs everywhere while becoming the world standard turntable. Technics’ newest model, SL1200 MK7, inherits the traditional design, reliability, and operating ease of the series while adding a coreless direct drive motor and other sound-enhancing technologies. SL1200 MK7 combines history and experience, with modern-day technology.

New Coreless Direct Drive Motor

For the SL-1200MK7, a new coreless direct drive motor was developed. This motor employs a coreless stator. Furthermore, the magnetic force of the rotor magnets was improved to the highest possible level, and the gap between the coreless stator and rotor magnets was optimised, thus achieving high torque performance equalling that of the SL-1200MK5. Boasting smooth rotation and powerful torque, this motor reproduces sound accurately and faithfully from the groove on an analogue record.

S-shaped Tonearm, a Technics Tradition

The SL-1200MK7 comes with a static balance S-shaped tonearm to carry on the Technics tradition. The tonearm moves in a unique arc as it tracks the record disc, and reproduces music with high fidelity. The bearing section features a high-precision bearing structure. The tonearm provides high tracking performance without stylus skipping even under hard usage such as scratching.

Pitch Control for a New Chapter in Music History

Pitch control on the SL-1200 was originally utilised for the precise adjustment of rotation speed. Club DJs began using this function to match the pitch between two tracks to achieve smooth transition. This technique led to the explosive popularity of the SL-1200 worldwide. The current vertical fader was first installed on the SL-1200MK2. This change was made to simplify use for DJs. The MK7 has newly incorporated full digital control to enable accurate and stable adjustment within the range of ±8/16%.

Inheriting, and Enhancing the Operating Ease of the SL-1200 Series

Starting Torque/Brake Speed Adjustment Function
The SL-1200MK7 employs the newest motor control technology refined through the development of Blu-ray disc products. Utilising a microcomputer, this advanced motor control technology ensures high performance in normal rotation and also responds accurately to a wide range of DJ play styles, such as scratching. The starting torque and brake speed can be adjusted individually to suit the user’s preference.

Reverse Play Function Expands the Breadth of DJ Play Styles

Stylus Illuminator Featuring a High-brightness and Long-life LED The stylus illuminator features a new push-type structure and employs a high-brightness and long-life white LED. The illumination area and intensity were reviewed to provide improved visibility of the stylus tip compared to previous models even in a dark environment.

A Traditional Design Ideal for DJ Play

Stylus Illuminator Featuring a High-brightness and Long-life LED
The stylus illuminator features a new push-type structure and employs a high-brightness and long-life white LED. The illumination area and intensity were reviewed to provide improved visibility of the stylus tip compared to previous models even in a dark environment.

User-friendly Stylus Light

The light that illuminates the stylus and its position on the record was featured for the first time on the SL-1200MK2. Technics opted for a popup-type light, not a detachable type, for easier use. The SL-1200MK7 comes with a white LED that offers high brightness and a long life. The illumination was improved and its range was reviewed to ensure optimal visibility.

Symbol of the SL-1200 Series

The original purpose of the strobe light, a standard feature on all models from the first-generation SL-1200, was to enable an accurate visual adjustment of the rotation speed. Since Technics incorporated quartz control, in models starting with the MK2, the rotation speed became extremely stable; thus, there was no need for the strobe anymore. However, DJs wanted the familiar strobe on the turntables they use, so it is still provided on the current model. The SL-1200MK7 comes with an LED strobe that can be set to illuminate in red or blue.

Technics SL 1200MK7

Technics SL-1200MK7 Direct Drive Turntable

The SL-1200 Series has constantly evolved with the times to meet the exacting requirements of DJs everywhere. It epitomizes Technics’ unwavering dedication to quality engineering that fuses sound, technology and design.
Price: $999.99

40+ Years of Serving Professional DJs

PSSL’s connection to Technics dates back to the company’s beginning. Since the 70’s, and through every decade thereafter, PSSL has sold Technics SL-1200 turntables to thousands of DJs worldwide. From the first SL-1200 MK2 model, to today’s SL-1200 MK7, we’ve supported and worked with Technics to serve DJs everywhere.

History of the SL-1200

No matter the decade, play style, or genre, there’s one thing that links generations of DJs together across the world: the Technics SL-1200. The device with deep roots in disco, hip-hop’s origins, and rigs used by modern pros, the SL-1200 is the turntable that helped bring true artistic control into the art of DJing.

Consistently reinvented and re-engineered throughout its history, Technics’ SL-1200 has been built to deliver high performance with the key features professional DJs demand. With a brand-new model ready to give DJs more control and higher accuracy, the SL-1200 remains in a league of its own as the de facto choice on stage and in the studio.

The origins of the SL-1200 date back to the 1970 introduction of the SP-10, the world's first direct-drive turntable. Unlike typical belt-driven turntables, which generated noise from belt vibrations and rotation irregularities, the direct drive motor offered quick, stable rotation for high performance.

The SP-10 was followed in 1971 by the SL-1100, which packed the same features of the direct-drive system into a more compact design. Thanks to its integrated construction, SL-1100 became a top choice both at discos and among DJs looking to easily transport their music rigs to block parties in the newly emerging hip-hop scene.

In 1972, the first SL-1200 made its debut. Originally introduced as a piece of high-end equipment aimed at audiophiles, the SL-1200 soon emerged as the preferred turntable for DJs on the scene. That’s because the SL-1200 incorporated trendy features desired by disco and club culture across the United States, like stable rotation for fast and easy beat matching and cueing.

But the standout feature for the device was its pitch adjustment dial, giving DJs a unique way to control BPM. The combination of club-ready features and portability turned the SL-1200 into the top choice for DJs as diverse as Jazzy Jeff to Jeff Mills.

These features gave way to the SL-1200MK2, the first turntable designed specifically with club DJs in mind. The SL-1200MK2 transformed the turntable into an actual musical instrument, giving users highly accurate control through its fader controller, accurate rotation control, and high-vibration absorption capacity through its precisely measured design. Throughout the next several years, new generations of the SL-1200 were continuously introduced and refined, incorporating more vibration-proof features, modifications to enhance ease of use, and increased overall performance.

After selling nearly three million units, the SL-1200 was briefly discontinued during the digital music revolution. But after the vinyl format proved to be persistent, the DJ-favorite returned to the production line in 2016 with a new series of regular updates to meet demand. Approaching its fiftieth anniversary, SL-1200 persists as one of a DJ's best choices for high performance and accuracy.

The SL-1200MK7 is the latest model to incorporate features requested by DJs across the world. Having reviewed engineering choices from the ground up, Technics developed the MK7 to deliver the device’s legendary performance with cutting-edge features DJs everywhere have come to expect.

This begins with the unit’s cordless direct-drive motor, which has been designed to eliminate a rotation irregularity known as cogging. This engineering change has also led to an improvement in sound quality. Additional improvements include digital pitch control for higher tracking performance and accuracy, reverse play functionality for new play style capabilities, and finer tuning for the starting torque and brake speed.

The SL-1200MK7 maintains its trademark design with a number of subtle improvements. The device is available in an all-black finish, down to the matching black tonearm and buttons. Its LED light also has an optional red or blue setting.

Delivering new capabilities on top of its already-legendary performance, the SL-1200MK7 is ready to meet the needs of professional DJs who want a reliable device that’s already been time-tested. Maintaining its reputation for giving DJs the control and precision they need, the MK7 is one of the best solutions available for tomorrow's music producers and today's seasoned vets alike.

SL-1200: The First Standard Turntable (1972)

The SL-1200 was released to the market in 1972. It was equipped with a high-performance direct drive system in its compact rugged aluminium die-cast cabinet. This direct drive system brought the large and heavy-duty platter to the rated rotation speed in just 1/2 of a turn and had minimal rotation irregularity. The dots engraved into the edge of the turntable are a symbol of the SL-1200 Series. These features aptly met the trend and needs of the disco/club culture that emerged in the United States at that time. The powerful torque and stable rotation enabled easy and quick beat matching and cueing, while the vibration absorbing cabinet allowed stable play in a loud sound environment. The pitch adjustment dial was provided for the control of rotation irregularity, but DJs found a unique way to use it for controlling BPM. For some miraculous coincidence, the first-generation SL-1200 was packed with many functions that DJs wanted, so it quickly became a standard DJ turntable.

SL-1200MK2: The First Turntable to Incorporate DJ Functions (1979)

The SL-1200MK2 was the first Hi-Fi turntable designed in consideration of use by disco and club DJs. Technics’ staff visited clubs in Chicago and saw with their own eyes DJs using the first-generation SL-1200 as a “musical instrument.” For the development of the MK2, DJs’ opinions were collected and necessary modifications were made to satisfy their needs. One big advancement made in this model was the use of the Quartz Lock system. This achieved more accurate rotation control. Furthermore, a fader controller was adopted to simplify pitch adjustment. The vibration absorbing cabinet with integrally molded upper aluminium die-cast and lower special rubber was also created at this time. The SL-1200MK2 successfully responded to DJs’ needs. It was the bona fide model that changed the turntable from a record player to a “musical instrument.”

SL-1200MK3: A Turntable Symbolising Club Culture Maturity (1989)

The SL-1200MK3 debuted in 1989, ten years after the introduction of the epoch-making model of the SL-1200 Series, the SL-1200MK2. The MK3’s cabinet was filled with T.N.R.C. (Technics Non Resonance Compound) for even more robust vibration-proofing. The product colour was changed from silver to black. Another point worthy of mention is the inclusion of a slip mat as an accessory though it was not directly related to improving product performance. DJs used to make their own slip mats to suit their performance techniques, instead of using the rubber mat provided with the product. In view of this, a slip mat was included with the product. The MK3 was intended to better meet the needs of DJs than the MK2. In the 80s and 90s, when the MK3 was marketed, house music and techno music began to gain popularity. Techno music started in Detroit, and music creators such as Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson joined in. Techno music also spread throughout the UK, Germany and Japan.

SL-1200LTD: Limited-edition Model Commemorating Two Million Units Sold (1995)

The SL-1200LTD was a limited-edition model, and only 5,000 units were produced. Each serial number plate was stamped with a sequential number. Many 24K gold plated parts adorned the cabinet, making the product resemble the gold turntable given to the winner of the DMC World DJ Championships. The pitch controller on the SL-1200LTD was provided with a reset button. When this button was pressed, the pitch returned to ±0% regardless of the fader position. This function was also provided on the SL-1200MK3D introduced later. When the 1990s began, DJ battles enjoyed greater popularity, and DJs’ techniques improved dramatically. DJs used the term, “turntablist,” to refer to their musicianship, and they actively created music by using their DJ techniques.

SL-1200MK3D: New and Detailed Functions as a Musical Instrument (1997)

The SL-1200MK3D released in 1997 was a minor-change version of the SL-1200MK3. One of the detailed changes was the discontinuation of the centre click of the pitch controller at the ±0% position. This improved the pitch adjustment accuracy near the ±0% position. Other changes included the addition of a head shell stand for a spare head shell and the modification of the power switch to help prevent accidental operation. These modifications were designed to enhance the ease of use in clubs and to strengthen the function of the turntable as a “musical instrument.” In the late 1990s, the dance music scene diversified at accelerated rates and became segmented. One of the popular music genres was Jungle/Drum’n’Bass, which originated in the UK. The music of this genre consisted of a fast break beat and deep bass line, and it took in various elements from all other music genres and gained further momentum.

SL-1200MK5: Basic Performance Approached Perfection (2000)

For the SL-1200MK5, Technics strove to enhance the basic turntable performance and successfully reflected DJs’ needs to perform delicate operations. For example, the turntable brake speed could be adjusted through the hole in the platter, and a high-brightness, long-life white LED was installed as a stylus light. A graduation scale was added to the tonearm weight mounting section to facilitate the adjustment of stylus pressure. There were many detailed improvements in the MK5. Moreover, the high-sensitivity gimbal suspension tonearm equipped with a precision bearing ensured excellent tracking performance. Many performance improvements were made in places that were not visible to the user and raised the basic performance toward perfection.

SL-1200MK5G: The 30th Anniversary Model Based on Accumulated Knowhow (2002)

The SL-1200MK5G was positioned as a higher-end model of the SL-1200MK5. The most significant modification was the installation of a horizontal load adjusting mechanism at the base of the S-shaped tonearm. This mechanism helped prevent stylus skipping, thus allowing the DJs to better concentrate on the performance. The adjustment range of the pitch controller was increased from the previous ±8% to ±16% in consideration of DJ use. The tonearm wire was an OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) wire for improved sound quality. Major changes that were visible to the user were the high-brightness blue LED stylus light and the face panel painted in metallic black. The SL-1200MK5G boasted an appearance worthy to be called the greatest DJ turntable of the 21st century.

SL-1200MK7: New Technology Marking the 7th in the MK Series (2019)

The SL-1200MK7 is the newest model of the SL-1200 Series. For the development of this model, all that modern day DJs need and want were reviewed from the ground up. At the drive section of the MK7 is a coreless direct drive motor. While achieving both stable rotation and powerful torque, this has successfully eliminated a rotation irregularity called cogging, which was the only drawback of the direct drive system. As a result, sound quality was further improved. The pitch control incorporates digital control to achieve improved tracking performance and accuracy. The buttons and tonearm are black to complete the all black design, and the LED light can be set to illuminate in red or blue. A reverse play function has been added to expand the breadth of DJ play style. With those features and functions, the MK7 aims to set a new standard for DJ turntables.

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