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If you are into recording in a studio or home studio setting, you are no doubt familiar with both of these microphones. They are no less than foundational when it comes to recording music, and there are some good reasons why. read more.
Pioneer has heard you (and all of us) and they are releasing the deeply satisfying DDJ-1000SRT - it has the unbeatable NXS2 feel and it caters specifically to Serato users who want a fully integrated experience and will accept nothing less. read more.
When it comes to lighting effects used for DJ-ing and during events, understanding very basic principles is important. Possibly the most basic among them is the concept of what is called "uplighting". The idea is a relatively easy one to grasp, it essentially consists of placing lights on the floor, or any lower areas, and pointing them up to accentuate or minimize specific areas within a given space. But as with many simple i… read more.
People study for years, have long careers, do the work constantly, and still find things nearly every day that they didn't know or different ways to accomplish tasks that they had never considered. Recording is a process full of variables and unknowns, the fact that we ever get things on tape that sound good is kind of remarkable in and of itself. And we are living in an era where more artists than ever are going the independe… read more.
When comparing DJ equipment, it is important to have a "big picture" sense of the items in question - what are they, what can they do, how will they fit with your unique DJ style? Much of the DJ gear on the market accomplishes basically all the same feats, but some focus their efforts on different areas of performance and creative choice. So if we compare Pioneer's midrange DJ controller, the DDJ-SR2, to its Roland counterpart… read more.
Since its release in 1972 the SL-1200 has been constantly evolving, meeting the requirements of professional DJs everywhere while becoming the world standard turntable. Technics’ newest model, SL1200 MK7, inherits the traditional design, reliability, and operating ease of the series while adding a coreless direct drive motor and other sound-enhancing technologies. SL1200 MK7 combines history and experience, with modern-day tec… read more.
Professional DJs don’t just show up on stage and plug an iPod into a PA. DJs require high-performance software that can mix beats using a wide range of hardware interfaces. Today, two major players have emerged as popular options for professional DJs: Serato DJ Pro and Rekordbox DJ. Here’s a look at what both solutions have to offer, and which ones DJs should use in their everyday setup. read more.
If you want to try DJing at home and see how far you can take it, Pioneer's created the perfect controller to learn on: the DDJ-400. Made for dedicated use with their professional performance application, rekordbox dj (free licence key included), the 2-channel DDJ-400 is designed to help you get the most from the new features coming to the software with the release of rekordboxTM ver 5.3 today. read more.

Pioneer upgraded one of its most popular DJ controllers to create the 4-channel DDJ-SX3. Designed for dedicated use with Serato DJ Pro (previously known as Serato DJ), the features and expanded connectivity of the new controller enable you to make smooth transitions between DJs, guest speakers, musical genres and individual tracks. With a familiar layout and a high-quality casing, the DDJSX3 improves on the DDJ-SX2, which e… read more.

Les from Akai Professional demos the new Akai MPC X Standalone Sampler and Sequencer. read more.
Cristian from PSSL reviews the key differences between the Pioneer DDJ-SR2 and Roland DJ-505. read more.
See what’s new in this release, including a new 2-deck offline Practice Mode, a refreshed user interface, support for high resolution screens, 64-bit support for better performance and stability and an improved help & support section in-app. read more.
See the "King of The 808" perform a DJ set at PSSL using Roland's Boutique TR-08 rhythm composer. read more.

PSSL visits The NAMM Show every year to bring you the latest and best gear coming soon! Our NAMM videos feature a first look at all of 2018's new gear from your favorite brands. Stay tuned as we will constantly update this page with new videos from The NAMM Show 2018.

Stay connected to all of our NAMM 2018 news, releases and updates by following PSSL on Twitter and read more.

If you need to replace wireless microphones or personal monitor systems that operate in the 600 MHz band as a result of the FCC Incentive Auction, the Shure 600 MHz Wireless Rebate can help you save money. Here are answers to the top 10 questions received about the rebate. read more.

SoundSwitch is a cutting-edge hardware/software bundle that lets users create DMX lighting displays that are played back in time with audio files when played back live in Serato DJ. It allows DJs and lighting designers the ability to sync lighting visuals with live audio seamlessly. SoundSwitch is a powerful tool that allows you to create customized lighting effects and cues along side and in time with music files. It has b… read more.

These battle-ready flagship offers the high standards of performance and construction that people expect from RANE, along with ground-breaking technology. read more.

Roland announces the DJ-505 and DJ-202, two new DJ controllers for Serato DJ. Equipped with features derived from the popular DJ-808 DJ Controller, the DJ-505 and DJ-202 offer onboard Roland TR drum sounds, dual low-latency platters, Serato DJ integration, vocal FX, and more. With the newly expanded DJ-series lineup, DJs and music producers can now choose from three Roland DJ controller models to suit the needs of different… read more.


The ELX200 series offers professional Electro-Voice audio quality, precision control, and robust, EV-engineered components in an ultra-lightweight package – a truly potent blend of performance and portability.

Get the smooth clarity of the EV sound in the right size to suit your needs: with 10-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch two-way models, and 12-inch and 18-inch subwoofers** available, ELX200 is a flexible, feature-rich… read more.


Roland Boutique TR-08 Rhythm Composer Sound Module

Roland announces the TR-08 Rhythm Composer, the latest addition to the popular Roland Boutique instrument lineup. The TR-08 is a compact recreation of Roland’s classic TR-808, one of the most influential drum machines ever made. Built with meticulous attention to detail, the TR-08 combines the sound, look, and feel of the TR-808 with enhanced features and modern r… read more.


July 2017 Product Spotlight

Mini MIDI Keyboard Comparison

Limited space in your studio? Or maybe you need something ultra-portabl… read more.


April 2017 Product Spotlight

Denon SC5000 Tabletop DJ Media Player

The Denon DJ SC5000 Prime represents a real paradigm shift in … read more.


March 2017 Product Spotlight

Chauvet Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC

The Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC is an exceptionally bright, 150W LED… read more.

The Ikon Profile is a high output single GOBO Projector powered by a bright 32W (7500K) white LED. This fixture uses high quality optics for crisp, clear projection. User can adjust the LED brightness and strobing via DMX or by the wireless UC IR remote control (sold separately). The Ikon Profile includes one textured glass GOBO. Users may also easily insert custom GOBOs in the fixture's GOBO slot located on the top of the fix… read more.

The newest fixture in ADJ's popular Vizi Series, the Vizi Beam RXONE, is a compact and quick moving head with a potent Osram 1R MSD long life lamp that produces a super sharp 3° beam of light that travels up to 100 meters. This 16-bit, nimble mover also includes a frost filter to give the beam a wash effect of 21° making this fixture very useful for a variety of portable and permanent applications.

read more.


February 2017 Product Spotlight

ADJ Focus Spot Three Z

The Focus Spot Three Z is a feature-packed professional fixture id… read more.


The ADJ 3D Vision Panel is a hexagonal shaped LED panel with stunning 3D visual effects when used in multiples. Designed for nightclubs, lounges, bars, entertainment centers, stages and mobile entertainers. Hexagonal shaped LED panel with stunning 3D visual effects when used in multiples. Designed for nightclubs, lounges, bars, entertainment c… read more.


PSSL visits The NAMM Show every year to bring you the latest and best gear coming soon! Our NAMM videos feature a first look at all of 2017's new gear from your favorite brands. Stay tuned as we will constantly update this page with new videos from The NAMM Show 2017.

Stay connected to all of our NAMM 2017 news, releases and updates by following PSSL on Twitter and read more.


The Focus Spot One & The Focus Spot Two are both extremely versatile and can each provide everything clubs, theaters, churches, concert productions and lighting professionals are looking for in a an LED spot moving head.

Shop for Focus Spo… read more.


So you’ve graduated to a lighting set-up that fully incorporates LED technology…now what? Or maybe your business, exhibit, or light show needs that extra POP that goes beyond what is by now widely available (i.e. standard washes, effects, and moving heads)…what other options are out there? We can help! Video panels are largely a new technology, but even now there are serious advances being made in the field, and getting … read more.


Hello, it's Mike Turner reporting from Will Call at PSSL. Today we're going to talk about wireless microphones. Understanding the differences between the various types of microphones is important to know. Also, knowing what you get from investing into a wireless microphone is important

read more.

Get to know the SlimPAR family by Chauvet and take a tour of all the features from wall washes to USB versions. Discover how to pick the perfect par for your installs, schools, theaters, churches, or any event you wish to illuminate.

Shop Chauvet Lighting:


Thinking of taking the first step into the digital DJ world? Learn about the big concerns DJs have and how easy it can be to transition from CDs, turntables, and vinyl. Get info on what set-up might the best for you and the options available. We will help you get acquainted with software options and the benefits of DJing with digital music.

Shop for Digital DJ Gear:


Learn about Loud Speakers and how to configure the perfect PA system that will work for your next event. Mike will walk you through how to get the most power and all the components you may need for your set-up. Compare the benefits and learn the basic of power or passive speaker systems.

Shop for Loud Speakers:


Push is now designed and engineered entirely by Ableton for a music-making experience that is as hands-on, expressive and closely integrated with Live as possible. Push and Live work together seamlessly to let you make beats, play notes and chords, work with samples and develop song structure - all without needing to look at a computer.

read more.

Appropriate for dozens of applications, Truss can be used for structural as well as decorative elements in events, retail displays, trade shows, stage lighting, live music performances and more. Determining what your options are for your unique needs can be overwhelming. PSSL chats with our partners at Global Truss to get some answers to your most common questions.

Stay connected to all of our news, releases and upd… read more.

PSSL visits The NAMM Show every year to bring you the latest and best gear coming soon! Our NAMM videos feature a first look at all of 2016's new gear from your favorite brands. Stay tuned as we will constantly update this page with new videos from The NAMM Show 2016.

Stay connected to all of our NAMM 2016 news, releases and updates by following PSSL on Twitter and… read more.

As long as pro audio has existed, mixers have been around as a means of bringing sonic components together, from simple volume control to dynamics processing and time-based effects. Fast forward to the digital age and we now have digital mixers with capabilities that far exceed the boards of yesteryear. For some, these boards are overwhelming. For others, they simply don't know why they would opt for these fancy new consoles o… read more.

In the world of pro audio, cables are a necessity, albeit an inconvenient one. They limit your range of mobility, if not properly secured they're easy to trip on, and when not organized correctly, can create the most tangled of snake pits (pun intended). At the present time, there is no way to completely forego cables in an audio system however you can move closer to the dream by investing in a wireless microphone system...… read more.


"Powered or passive speakers?" It's a question you'll encounter early on in your search for a PA system, and one of the most important questions you'll need to answer. There are pros and cons to either choice, and depending on your application, the decision could be fairly straightforward. Understanding the differences between the two is key in putting together a system that does exactly what you need it to do... read more.


There once was a time when stage monitors didn't exist, and musicians simply listened to their bandmates to stay in time with each other. This worked well in small spaces but when amplification came into the picture and allowed bands to play in front of much larger crowds, hearing each other on stage proved to be rather difficult. Enter in stage monitors, which solved that issue but created many of their own...

Nowa… read more.


The Intimidator Scan 305 IRC is a compact LED scanner with a 60 W light source that shines through any environment. Its crisp 3-facet prism allows you to cover larger areas when you split the beam and non-DMX operation is convenient and easy with the optional IRC-6 remote. Create eye-catching synchronized shows in automated, sound or master/slave modes with the Intimidator Barrel 305 IRC. Minimize programming time using the… read more.


There are few things in the world of A/V more eye-catching than an LED video wall. From just a few panels on the side of a DJ booth to massive screens in arenas and mega churches, video walls have spread throughout the performance world in a big way in recent years. You may have been hesitant to invest in a video wall up until now, possibly due to a lack of knowledge on the subject. Today, we’ll cover the basics of video wa… read more.

No matter what kind of events you put on or participate in, most have one thing in common: a stage. Performers depend on a stage of some sort to showcase themselves to the audience, and in many cases, they won't be able to be seen without one! There are many options to decide on when investing in a stage, every combination coming with its own pros and cons. Let's identify some of these crucial choices and figure out which opti… read more.
Truss is an indispensable, multi-purpose tool for anyone putting on a major event. From flying speakers to mounting lights to simply aiding the general stage aesthetic, there isn't much truss can't do! It can be seen at almost every concert, sporting event, and trade show; even most serious DJs nowadays are implementing truss to give an extra layer of professional flair to their setup. If you're ready to take your events to th… read more.
PSSL visits The NAMM Show every year to bring you the latest and best gear coming soon! Our NAMM videos feature a first look at all of 2015's new gear from your favorite brands. Stay tuned as we will constantly update this page with new videos from The NAMM Show 2015.

Stay connected to all of our NAMM 2015 news, releases and updates by following PSSL on Twitter, li… read more.

Thanks to the continued development of the CHAUVET DJ Freedom Series, DJs like me can enjoy all of the good things about uplighting without being burdened by cabling issues. CHAUVET DJ introduced the Freedom Series about two years ago; and since then the fixtures in this line have kept getting more feature rich, more powerful and simply more awesome. As if that weren't enough; now with the introduction of the new FlareCON Air… read more.
When ADJ first kicked off its Inno Pocket series with the release of the small but powerful Inno Pocket Spot, the company didn't quite realize just how well the fixture would go down with lighting enthusiasts across the globe. This first fixture in the Inno Pocket range soon built a solid reputation for being compact, highly flexible and totally affordable. The series was soon expanded with the addition of the Inno Pocket Spot… read more.
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