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PSSL Visits NAMM 2017

PSSL visits The NAMM Show every year to bring you the latest and best gear coming soon! Our NAMM videos feature a first look at all of 2017's new gear from your favorite brands. Stay tuned as we will constantly update this page with new videos from The NAMM Show 2017.

Stay connected to all of our NAMM 2017 news, releases and updates by following PSSL on Twitter and Instagram, liking us on Facebook and subscribing to our YouTube Channel!

View NAMM Videos for:

Akai MPC Standalone Series

We've got a first look at the new MPC Live and MPCX by Akai Professional. The MPCX is a standalone MPC that features a full color 10.1” multi-touch screen, 16 responsive, velocity- and pressure-sensitive RGB pads and 16 gigs of internal storage. The MPCX also features two USB slots that can be used for MIDI controller connectivity, phono, instrument, mic and line inputs, 8 audio outputs, and 8 configurable CV/Gate outputs. The MPC Live is perfect for the studio and the stage. It's lightweight (only 6 lbs.) and includes a internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Akai MPC X Akai MPC Live

Chauvet Intimidator Spot 375Z

The Intimator Spot 375Z replaces the Intimidator 355Z. Chauvet upgraded the moving head from 90W to 150W and added a secondary prisim for round and linear prisim. It features a locking powercon connector for secure power connection. The quarter turn quick connect allows for single or dual clamp mounting options. Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC is an exceptionally bright, 150W LED moving head spot designed for large events. It features motorized zoom for short-throw or long-throw applications and dual rotating prisms splits the beam for great effects and to cover a larger area. The motorized focus ensures crisp projections at almost any distance and the built-in totem mode keeps the beams exactly where you want them.

Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 375Z

Denon DJ Prime Series

The Denon DJ Prime Series was designed by DJs for DJs. The Prime Series has all the features a professional DJ needs with the added style. The Denon SC5000 has a high definition, high contrast multi-touch display that offers latency-free, tactile track navigation, load and playback. The DJ Media Player is the first DJ player capable of on-board music file anaylsis thourgh its dedicated, multi-core internal processor, Engine Prime.

SC5000 DJ Media Player X1800 DJ Mixer VL12 DJ Turntable

ADJ American DJ Boom Box FX1 and FX2

The ADJ Boom Box FX1 and FX2 are compact and easy to use. The Boom Box FX1 features a dome effect, derby effect, LED wash and red/green laser effect. The Boom Box FX2 includes a LED dome effect, GOBO Moonflower, LED wash and red/green effects. These easy to use light fixtures will add lighting excitement to any event.

ADJ Boom Box FX1 ADJ Boom Box FX2

ADJ American DJ Color Strand String Light

The ADJ Color Strand LED is a 30' party strand LED kit that includes a remote to change in RGBW colors. It's a unique lighting fixture that can be used for weddings, restruants, bars and outdoor events. It's not your typical light strand because you can controll the 26 quad LED lights with fades, chases and sound active modes.

ADJ Color Strand Light

Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 Sampler and Step Sequencer and Toraiz AS-1 Monosphonic Analog Synthesizer

The Toraiz SP-16 sampler and step sequencer is the first in the line-up of music production tools for DJs and producers. Pioneer has partnered with the legendary synth creator Dave Smith to add his Prophet-6 analogue filters, so you can give your creations a rich, analogue warmth and presence. Use the Toraiz SP-16's simple layout and large touch screen for producing, or use it as a standalone unit in the DJ booth to enhance performances. Just load samples, create patterns, add FX, loops, and manipulate their parameters to make your music your own. The Toraiz AS-1 is a fully monophonic analog synthesizer that is basically a small version of the Dave Smith Prophet-6 synthesizer. With the AS-1 you get high quality tactile buttons and knobs and a touchpad-style keyboard and slider to create your unqiue sound. Use the touchpad keyboard or change the notes assigned the the keys with Scale Mode.

SP-16 Sampler

New Products from Mixars

Mixware added a four channel mixer and a two-channel controller to their line up of products designed for for Serato DJ; the Primo and the Quattro. The Quattro is a universal mixer with high-quality audio output no matter the venue. A notable upgrade in the Primo is that it supports the Serato DJ’s software DVS upgrade. Also new for NAMM from Mixware is the Uno.

Mixars Quattro Serato Mixer Mixars UNO Mixer

Chauvet DJ Sound Switch

Control your light show with the new Sound Switch. Sound Switch links Serato DJ with your DMX lights whether it's your moving heads, wash lights, or a laser. This a new exciting way to sync your light show to your DJ set.

DAS Altea Series Powered Speakers

The DAS Altea Series are the new members of the DAS LTS series. It features LED DSP screen with an stackable EQ system. One of the unique features of Altea is the ability to stream full fidelity in high definition audio through Bluetooth. The DAS Altea Series powered speakers brings durability and portability without sacrificing sound quality.

Chauvet DJ Eve 5-50Z DMX LED Ellipsoidal Light

The Chauvet DJ Eve E-50Z is an LED ellipsoidal that shines a hard-edged, warm white spot and features D-Fi USB compatibility for wireless Master/Slave or DMX control. Manual zoom gives you the flexibility to project from any distance and its framing shutters let you easily alter and control the projected beam. Eve E-50Z includes holders for glass and steel gobos as well as a gel frame. You can operate Eve E-50Z in standalone mode eliminating the need for DMX control and you can save time running extension cords by power linking multiple units.

Chauvet DJ EVE 5-50Z

Chauvet DJ EVE F-50Z Fresnel Light

EVE F-50Z is an LED Fresnel fixture that shines a soft-edged, warm white spot and features D-Fi USB compatibility for wireless master/slave or DMX control. Manual zoom gives you the flexibility to project from any distance. EVE F-50Z includes holders for glass and steel gobos as well as a gel frame. The warm white white light is MET approved, perfect for installs.

Chauvet EVE TF-20 Soft Edge LED Luminaire Light

EVE TF-20 is a compact, energy efficient, soft edge LED accent luminaire that can function as a regular PAR can, while its classic Fresnel style emulates stage and theatrical lighting. Conveniently included barn doors block light from unwanted areas, letting you focus on a particular space or object. Thanks to its CCR (constant current reduction) LED dimming, it works seamlessly with conventional dimmers, and is flicker-free in filmed productions. Great for permanent installs or mobile use.

Chauvet DJ EVE TF-20

Cerwin-Vega CVX Series Powered Speakers

The CVX line of four powered speakers are true road warriors. With up to 1500 watts of clean power (2000 watts for Subwoofers), wide dispersion, fully defined bass, and smooth highs, the CVX speakers deliver a big, clear sound that blankets an audience evenly. All this is wrapped in a surprisingly portable enclosure for a modern, professional appeal that can withstand years of use. For touring, ballrooms, medium to larger clubs, outdoor venues, houses of worship, rentals and staging applications, the CVX line—fueled by Cerwin Vega's 65 years of professional live sound solutions—delivers power to spare, with accurate, sonic precision.

QSC K Cardioid Powered Subwoofer

Representing a breakthrough in innovation and design, the K Cardioid Subwoofer uniquely provides all the benefits of a cardioid subwoofer array but in a single, compact enclosure. "Keeping bass in its place" for mobile entertainers, AV production and rental professionals, as well as modestly-sized performance venues, the K Cardioid Subwoofer is unparalleled in its ability to manage low frequencies on the stage, or any application where undesirable low frequency energy needs to be minimized.

QSC K Cardioid Powered Subwoofer

New Products Added to the QSC E-Series Lineup

The E Series is a range of passive loudspeakers offering robust construction, trusted reliability and overall sonic performance beyond expectations. Intended for sound reinforcement in entertainment applications including live performance, DJ and dance music, karaoke and event production, E Series loudspeakers will deliver outstanding results. Building on QSC's proven "systems" methodology, the E Series loudspeakers' performance is further enhanced when paired with QSC's GXD or PLD amplifiers or with a QSC TouchMix digital mixer, and taking advantage of the on-board DSP and factory-tuned presets. These presets support a variety of applications including live sound reinforcement (with and without subwoofers), stage monitoring, dance music and karaoke.

QSC E218SW Dual Passive Subwoofer

American Audio POW-R BAR65 Surge Protector

The ADJ POW-R BAR65 is a forward-thinking tool for any working entertainer, stage or installation that helps make connecting electronics easier. It incorporates 6 surge-protected AC power sockets and 4-port USB 3.0 hub in one power block. There is also an additional USB port that allows for a mobile device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, to charge its battery.

American Audio POW-R BAR65 Surge Protector

American Audio VPS Series Microphones

Optimized for vocal applications, the American Audio VPS series specifically controls proximity effect through its low-frequency roll-off, making it a great choice for all performers. The VPS-20's superior articulation makes it the best choice to capture your unique voice. The VPS-60 and VPS-80 minimizes handling noise without compromising sound quality. These live stage performance microphones all come with a microphone clip, microphone cable, and storage bag.

American Audio VPS-20 Microphone American Audio VPS-60 Microphone American Audio VPS-80 Microphone

Shure GLX-D Advanced Series Wireless Microphones

The Shure GLX-D features intelligent technology and convenient rechargeable power options for musicians who run their own sound. The frequency manager connects al devices and automaticall selects the best frequency available. When there's an interference the GLX-D will seamlessly choose an open frequency without interruption.

New Blizzard Products

Blizzard Lighting walks us through their new additions to their lineup: the Blizzard Drop PC Drop Box, the TurboScan, Pixellicious, Pixellicious Mini and the Pixellicious Squared. The Pixellicious pixel mapping displays are easily controllable by DMX, Art-Net, Kling-net, or via its LED control panel. The Drop PC Box provides safe and reliable power connections on the go. Turbo Scan fixtures creates crisp, clear beams and are equipped with two gobo wheels, each with 7 gobos, including 7 rotating, indexing and interchangeable.

Blizzard Drop PC Drop Box Blizzard Pixellicious Blizzard Pixellicious Mini Blizzard Pixellicious Squared Blizzard Turbo Scan

Behringer DeepMind 12

Take a look at Behringer's new synthesizer the Deep Mind 12. It's a 12-voice polyphonic synthesizer with 12 true analog voices that creates insanely fat and authentic sounds. It features a LCD Display with encoder, navigation switches and data value slider for rapid menu parameter editing and program selection.

JBL Intonato Studio Monitor Management System

The JBL Intonato 24 Monitor Management Tuning System provides easy setup, automated calibration and comprehensive control of professional monitoring systems. Intonato 24 includes an innovative Automated Speaker Calibration process that “tunes” each speaker to compensate for speaker placement and room acoustics, delivering neutral response to the mix position–even in less-than-ideal work spaces. It's compatible with iOS/Android tablet software or optional Intonato Desktop Controller.

JBL EON ONE All-in-One Linear Array PA System

The EON ONE is a portable column line array speaker is perfect for single performances up to professional performances. The EON ONE is compact and conveniently packs into the base making set up and break down a breeze. It's the only array that you can carry with one hand. The EON ONE brings portability and unmatched performance to any performance.


AKG C7 and C636 Microphones

The AKG C7 and C636 condenser microphones bring studio level sound quality to the stage. The AKG C7 reference handheld condenser microphone delivers premium studio-quality condenser sound and hassle-free operation on any stage. With pristine clarity and sparkling high end, the C7 allows lead and background vocals to shine through. C7 prevents feedback, handling noise, and pop noise from interfering with your performance. The AKG C636 is born from the legendary AKG C535. It takes the studio sound quality of the AKG C535 and equips it for the stage. The AKG C636 is protected by double shock susspensions system to prevent handling noises.

AKG C7 Microphone

AKG K872 Master Reference Studio Headphones

The AKG K872 master reference closed-back headphones provide unprecedented accuracy and comfort in production and live sound engineering environments. Custom 53mm drivers with 1.5 Tesla magnet systems deliver exceptional headroom for precise imaging, deep low frequencies and extended dynamic range. The optimized closed-back design ensures excellent isolation during tracking, mixing and mastering sessions. The open-mesh headband and 3D-shaped slow-retention foam earcups create a personalized fit for remarkable comfort during long sessions. Created with meticulous attention to every design element and component, the K872 is the new benchmark for headphone performance.

AKG K872 Headphones

JBL 7-Series Reference Monitors

JBL 7-series reference monitors deliver extraordinary output, stunning detail, an expansive soundstage, and greater accuracy for critical music recording, film post and broadcast production applications. 7 series monitors achieve their remarkable performance by leveraging new patent-pending driver technologies and JBL’s renowned Image Control Waveguide originally developed for our flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor.

Harman Connected PA System

The Harman Connected PA System makes it easy for musicians to set up their gear so they can focus on the music. The Connected PA system is the first fully intergrated live sound system that helps eliminate the stress of setup so musicians can focus on making music. The Connected PA app easily links the JBL PRX800W loudspeakers, dbx Di1 Direct Box, AKG P5i microphone, and Soundcraft Ui24R Mixer. The app allows you to control your setup using the built-in vocal and instrument presets.

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