Complete Stage Lighting Solutions

Complete Stage Lighting Solutions

Small stages (approx. 15' x 10') Starting at $1,716.67

Take control of your small stage by adding excitement with a splash of color. Every small stage package comes with stage lights, up lights, and a Chauvet Xpress DMX interface. With your own computer you can access pre-programed scenes to add static color and color fades. Choose the silver package with variable white lighting to add some distinction to the main speaker or performer. Or move up to the Gold package for more dynamic contrast for filming using backlighting.

Chauvet 15x10 Stage Bronze Lighting Package

Chauvet 15x10 Stage Silver Lighting Package

Chauvet 15x10 Stage Gold Lighting Package

Medium stages (approx. 25' x 15') Starting at $7,349.60

Both medium size stage packages come with hex chip led lighting for richer color options as well as variable white lighting to highlight your performer. You also get linear wash lights for an even backlight across your stage. With your own computer you can access pre-programed scenes to add static color and color fades with the Chauvet Xpress 1024 DMX interface. Upgrade to the Gold package to take control of moving spotlights with color and gobo wheels and a Hurricane Haze 4D haze machine to add atmosphere to your performance. All your moving fixtures will also have pre-programed shows included.

Chauvet 25x15 Stage Silver Lighting Package

Chauvet 25x15 Stage Gold Lighting Package

Large stages (approx. 30' x 20') Starting at $29,439.71

The large stage packages come with everything you need for a professional lighting solution for your stage. Both packages include Chauvet Professional Ovation spotlights and wash fixtures as well as Rogue moving head fixtures. Take full hands-on control of your lighting rig with the Chamsys Quick Q lighting console with preprogramed shows that include static color, color fades and movement effects. Get the gold package to upgrade your up lights to the Ovation Cyc 1 FC fixtures for a more even wash across your walls and Rogue moving wash lights for added effect and backlight for more contrast when filming.

Chauvet 30x20 Stage Silver Lighting Package

Chauvet 30x20 Stage Gold Lighting Package

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