Make the Switch to Digital DJ

Make the Switch to Digital DJ

Thinking of taking the first step into the digital DJ world? Learn about the big concerns DJs have and how easy it can be to transition from CDs, turntables, and vinyl. Get info on what set-up might the best for you and the options available. We will help you get acquainted with software options and the benefits of DJing with digital music.

Hi, I'm Moises here with Pro Sound and Stage Lighting and we're here to talk a little about a big concern that comes up today in today's world of DJ. Now you might be a DJ that's been spinning records for decades or you may be one that's been using CDs for longer then I've been alive. Now either way, you might find yourself asking this question. How do I or how should I transition from my CDs or my vinyl to digital or mp3 DJing? Now I know that at first the question might seem a little confusing, get a little intimidating, so we just push it off. I know because I was there several years ago. And we're just here kinda to briefly talk about the simplicity of it and how it's not as hard as it may look. Now first of all let's talk why. Why should I switch over right? And a DJ can blab on for hours of the things they like, but for time sake we're just gonna go over a few things, one of the biggest factors that i've seen since.

Pioneer DDJ-SR2 Controller with Serato DJ Pro

Number one is library. Your library, right now if you go out and get ten new albums, you know you have to have a place to store those ten albums, whether it be in a crate, or CD sleeves, CD cases. So the bigger your library gets is the bigger your storage space has to be. On a computer, you carry a lot more in a lot less space and, you know, a hard drive, even an external hard drive is a lot smaller and weighs a lot less than, you know, crates and crates.

Number two, a playlist right? Preparing for a gig is a lot easier. If you're looking through your CDs putting them in order for a wedding, they happen to get out of order it becomes a problem. On a computer it's very easy. It's as easy as just dragging and dropping. If you want to remove some or use something in two different places its possible very easy.

Number three is bottom line is it's becoming a lot harder to go out and buy a CD or a record day by day. As time progresses, it's getting harder. So the last thing is as much as we might not like to admit it, this is one of the most embarrassing points for me. In a CD or on a record, you never really know if something's gonna skip and when it does it's one of the most embarrassing things that can happen and trying to get out of it is, you know, even harder. On a laptop or digital DJing, the file that you save is the file that you play. It doesn't change and it's something that could be overlooked, but it is a great difference.

Now the next thing is when you're stepping into this world, what should I pick? Should I pick Serato, Traktor? Now Serato, if you're the, you know, performer, live DJ that's just looking for stability, something simple, Serato might be the way for you to go. Now if you're more of a producer, a creator of music, sounds, Traktor might have more features for you, but either way there's no right or wrong choice. You know you'll be able to do the same thing with both of them.

Back to my original concern and just explaining that it's really not that hard. We're gonna, you know, move over in a little bit and show you two really easy components. These are controllers here and if this is what you move into, than very well. If you're looking for a little bit of a smooth transition, something that might be easier for you, there's things that can make that possible as well. So if you're a person that uses CDJs and that's all you've used, you know a unit like this may be very suitable for you because you'll be able to use it as a stand-alone CD player and just kinda use the digital features as you learn them little by little. And now if you're, you know, on turntables and you know you're kinda scared to move forward, you know using a Serato with the mixer like this or maybe a SL box, you know you can go back and forth between using your record. So if you feel uncomfortable, it's smoother and you have something to fall back on.

So we just have covered a few options that can make it easier for you to transition and that's not it. We have a lot more. You can definitely give us a call, we'll help you pick the right one. Or if you're in the southern California area, you can feel free to stop by. You can pick them up, you can play with them, and pick the right one for you. Again, my name's Moises and that's it for now, so talk to you guys later.