Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT DJ Controller for Serato DJ Pro

Of course, you love Pioneer DJ. It's hard not to when Pioneer has always been one of the most innovative and respected companies in the game. You love the idea of the DDJ-1000. Who wouldn't? It is the best of both worlds, mixing the physicality of the club-standard CDJ NXS2 set up with the ease and transportability of an all-in-one pro-level controller. There's only one problem. You love Serato, and the DDJ-1000 is optimized to work with Rekordbox.

Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT

Your prayers have just been answered.

Pioneer has heard you (and all of us) and they are releasing the deeply satisfying DDJ-1000SRT - it has the unbeatable NXS2 feel and it caters specifically to Serato users who want a fully integrated experience and will accept nothing less.

From a hardware standpoint, the DDJ-1000 is loaded up with the solid jogwheels found on the CDJ-2000NXS2 for supreme feel and performance in any environment, and they can be calibrated for the correct tightness or looseness that fits your individual tastes and style. The crossfader is the legendary Magvel Fader - based on the Magvel Fader Pro from the DJM-S9, it is reported to be durable for up to 10 million motions, and it is as smooth as silk in operation. Inputs include two RCA Line, 2 RCA Phono/Line, and two mic inputs; outputs include two master outs (XLR and RCA), 1 booth out (1/4"), and two phone outs (1/4" stereo and 3.5-mm stereo).

When it comes to software, you know what you're getting with Serato: one of the world's leading DJ control programs with functionality that tackles the basics of beat-matching and mixing clear into the netherworlds of layering, chopping, and FX-driven insanity, and even the ability to mix video. Serato is a leading brand for a reason, and with the DDJ-1000SRT you will be able to take full advantage of all the things it can do.

Pioneer's new controller features performance pads that are optimized to work with Serato, including the ability to seamlessly manipulate loops and samples. They work a bit differently than the DDJ-1000, and that is mainly because the functionality in Rekordbox differs from that of Serato. The Parameter arrows can help to customize the effect of the pads as well, giving a full range of capability to help you make and mix any arrangement you can dream up.

The EQ's on the channel strips can cut each band up to -26 dB, so when you want to accentuate or cut the bass, mids, or highs you'll be able to do so with a quick turn of a dial. One of the cooler aspects of the final product here is the addition of the riser effects that were so popular with the DDJ-1000, the Mobius Saw and Mobius Tri apply a rising or lowering synth tone to the master output that will sync from 1/16 to 64 beats. Also, the DDJ-1000SRT has dedicated Sampler Volume control with Sampler headphone cue toggle and a ducking "Talk Over" function that lowers the volume of the music when you talk into the mic.

Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT side view 

Pioneer's new DDJ-1000SRT is all killer, no filler. It carries the Pioneer name and all the years of hard work and history that have gone into making the brand something special. It is made of the same DNA as some of the most popular and industry-standard DJ gear ever. It is optimized to work perfectly with Serato and all of Serato's expansions (including an upcoming update for Serato Studio). If you have been waiting for the perfect DJ controller, you might have just found it.