Pinning Down the Fun in Pin Spotting

Pinning Down the Fun in Pin Spotting

Remember the days when a DJ or band was just a DJ or a band? They're long gone. Today, DJs, MCs and Band Leaders should be called "Everything but the Kitchen Sink Special Event Hosts" because we're expected to render more services than ever before. Providing music has become just the tip of the iceberg. Among the ever-growing list of roles we're expected to fill are announcer, crowd motivator, schedule coordinator, music programmer and of course lighting expert./p>

Fortunately, the last few years have seen the arrival of some exciting new tools that make it easier for you to fill the last role on my list - lighting expert - while increasing your revenue at the same time. For example, uplighting has helped mobile entertainers create more memorable events for their clients, while keeping their bottom line more attractive at the same time.

Now there's another new tool that I'd like to tell you about - The CHAUVET DJ EZPin IRC. A battery powered wireless pin spot, the EZPin IRC makes it easier than ever for any DJ to pin spot staging areas like cake tables and centerpieces without worrying about power connections, clamps, cables or any of the other previous "necessities" that slowed down the set-up process.

Chauvet EZ Pin

The EZPin IRC really has made accent lighting fun. This compact fixture has a magnetic base so it can mount to almost any metal surface. It also comes with a scissor clip base that can be used to mount the units to things like drop ceiling frames and air walls. It couldn't be easier to add amazing looking accent lighting to a room. If that weren't enough, the fixtures can also be turned on or off with an optional IRC remote control.

The units are also available in a 6-pack case called the EZPin Pack with a charger built right into the case and. I've found that I've had fun experimenting with creative applications of the fixtures and I can change the looks using one of the included red, green, blue, yellow or warm white gels. Yes! No more running wires through drop ceilings or worrying about how to mount a larger, more cumbersome pin spot fixture. The EZPin IRC is fun, easy and when clients see the effect tasteful pin spotting creates - profitable.

The EZPin IRC features a single 2-watt LED that I have found is more than bright enough to highlight staging areas for a special event. It really packs a bright punch for such a compact fixture. And when I say compact I mean compact. The EZPin IRC is 7.5 x 3.5 x 2.2 in and weighs less than half a pound. I may pull muscles hauling speakers, but not by pin spotting with the EZPin IRC. I've found that to charge the battery completely takes about 3 hours and the charge lasts for up to 6 hours. More than enough to light up any reception or other special event.

Chauvet EZ Pin FX

The EZPin IRC has made really made it easier than ever before for me to be an "Everything but the Kitchen Sink Special Event host" for my clients. In fact, it's so convenient and profitable, I may throw in the kitchen sink too.