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Top 50 DJ Music Blogs to Follow in 2019
Published on May 28, 2019

Everyone loves music. Whatever the genre is, great music is a source of comfort for most people when they are stressed, sad, or even extremely happy. Music is so magical that it can change the mood or set the atmosphere and inspire creativity with just melodies.

For the consummate audiophiles and the most talented DJs, it’s not enough to rely on their own creations and stock knowledge. If they want to diversify, expand, and curate their musical repertoire, they need to read up on music culture and be aware of the latest musical movements around the world. For people who enjoy beats that make them throw their hands up in the air and party like there’s no tomorrow, knowing where to look for good music is the key.

But where do you find the best resources on DJ music? Fret no more, music lover. Here are the top 50 DJ music blogs you should follow if you want to take your sound trip to a whole new level.


Blog Type: single author

DJ Mojoe runs this blog, filling it with past clients’ parties, satisfied reviews, and stories from his clients. He shows off his skills as a professional DJ by posting a detailed review on his website, showing that everyone has fun during his performances. He also posts articles about his parties, experiences, and handy tips and news that you can read if you aspire to follow his footsteps.

About the Author: DJ Mojoe used to be a corporate employee until he decided enough was enough and dedicated his time and effort in DJ’ing!

2. DJ Dave Productions

Blog Type: single author

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Feed | Pinterest | Instagram | LinkedIn | Google+ | YouTube

DJ Dave prioritizes wedding parties and everything that relates to this romantic event. He posts new locations you may consider getting married in and tips to get the ideal wedding you want to have.

DJ Dave prides himself with his work and makes sure that the playlist he makes is beautiful, romantic, memorable, and relatable to the couple. If you plan to have a wedding soon, DJ Dave is your man for the song selections!

About the Author: Mostly catering to wedding parties, DJ Dave also goes for corporate parties to make the event extra special to everyone who attends it.

3. The DJ Firm

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

Ranging from wedding parties to the crazy corporate parties, the DJ Firm strives to make every event it handles the best and the most memorable in the city. Aside from epic feedback from clients and helpful articles, the company’s blog also releases fresh news from the professional DJs themselves. You can check out stories that feature parties, events, new releases, and the latest updates through your screen.

About the Author: Founded in 2014 by Carlington Young and Eric Sampson, the DJ Firm dedicates its efforts to making your parties better than the rest.

4. D.J. Delights

Blog Type: single author

Follow This Blog: Facebook

D.J. Delights knows how stressful a wedding event is, so the blog posts tips and hacks for wedding planners everywhere. Aside from the event itself, the team also provides neat ideas for couples who want to make their wedding more intimate and unique. D.J. Delights also offers other services, such as a photo booth for guests and lighting, or you can go for the packages if you want to save more for your honeymoon!

About the Author: D.J. Delights is a company that offers professional DJs who know what you need. Since these DJs cater mostly to weddings, they create specialized packages for each event.

5. Elegant Event Entertainment

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Are you tired of seeing your guests always on their phone and not dancing? You probably got the wrong DJ. You need to get Elegant Event Entertainment, and have its DJs do the mixes and create playlists. Weddings are exhausting to plan, so the DJs make sure that you have access to the trendiest tips and a list of best songs ideal for your wedding.

About the Author: Elegant Event Entertainment is a company dedicated to making weddings and parties exciting and, of course, fun! It also offers a wide range of wedding hacks and tips that planners may need.

6. DJ Premier Blog

Blog Type: single author

As the name implies, DJ Premier premieres the newest soundtracks from professional DJs and celebrities around the globe. It offers a sneak peek of the newest singles before these become mainstream, and some life-hack articles for professional DJs out there.

For more DJ Premier experience, check out the radio to listen to DJ Premier’s mixes online. This may not be an official DJ Premier site, but it’s made with accurate and credible facts.

About the Author: DJ Premier is a celebrity DJ who spins the hottest mixes and singles for people to enjoy, and this blog is dedicated to DJ Premier’s greatness.

7. DJ Bizzon

Blog Type: single author

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

DJ Bizzon always knows what’s always hot. He makes sure he livens up the crowd before a big concert—after all, he opened for Kendrick Lamar, Future, Khalid, Travis Scott, and other artists. He makes sure you’re updated with his events and whereabouts, so his blog is filled with updates for an upcoming event or news that you may be interested in. Get turnt with the greatest party in town!

About the Author: DJ Bizzon is a well-known DJ who creates his own original remixes, reedits, and mixtapes. He’s no stranger from the spotlight, and he has opened for a number of famous artists!

8. . . . Hang the DJ

Blog Type: single author

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook

. . . Hang the DJ is a site for those who love to listen to postpunk, darkwave, shoegaze, dream pop, and psych. Most of the posts here are news for old-school artists and classic alternative bands, giving you VIP access to their newest hit singles, tours, and projects. The site is always updated with the freshest tunes and latest news about your favorite artists.

About the Author: Christina Rocks is a fan of the old-school music and used to have a radio show called Time Warp, which aired on 89X up until March 2017. She’s currently hosting her very own show online and usually posts episodes every Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m.

9. Disc Jockey News

Blog Type: multiauthor

Brimming with tips, latest gadgets, tools, and music, DJ News is a haven for DJ music enthusiasts and aspiring disk jockeys. The team posts as soon as the news hits the airwaves, and delivers them to you through email or through the blog. For newbies who want to try their luck in the DJ industry, DJ News also provides ideas and lessons that may help you boost your career.

About the Author: Behind this blog are great minds who dedicate themselves in providing you with the latest DJ news and reports to your screen. They are a collection of award-winning DJs, broadcasters, and directors, always up-to-date on the latest news and trends.

10. Only Techno

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Here you can read the freshest interviews, music, and production BTS that every fan should see. It has the ultimate throwbacks, premiere videos, and charts for the newest hits for this year. It also features the trendiest events and offers reviews of the recent releases by artists around the globe. From shocking news on extreme partying to DJ royals of the time, you can stay updated through Only Techno.

About the Author: Only Techno is a blog dedicated to DJ news and trending hits around the globe. It has a group of expert researchers to provide the ultimate entertainment for your partying and music reads.

11. Techno Live Sets

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud

With its easy-navigation option to direct you to the genre you want, Techno Live Sets offers a wide array of artist releases and party news that you need to know. It also has a playlist you can listen to while navigating on the site. Techno Live Sets has a collection of videos from past awards and concerts, as well as merchandise you can buy to unleash your inner audiophile!

About the Author: Techno Live Sets is a blog that promotes new talents around the globe and posts new releases from professional artists as well.

12. DJ Supe Dot Net

Blog Type: single author

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

From recent mixes to ultimate throwbacks, DJ Supe is a connoisseur of music from ’90s to the present time. He revives old music and gives it a new identity, making the crowd more excited whenever he’s around. Even as a kid, he was excited to learn more about turntables and music than other things, so in 1994, he and his friends founded the hip-hop group Livestock. Since the ’90s, he was already dedicated to this craft.

About the Author: Deejay Supe, or DJ Supe, is a professional DJ who has immense dedication for the classic ’90s beats and sharing his creations to the world.

13. Passionate DJ

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

This blog understands what the DJs need and what they crave, so Passionate DJ gives you a glimpse into the life of a professional DJ. The blog shares ideas, hacks, and tips that may help aspiring DJs achieve their dreams of becoming great. It also has a wide collection of DJ interviews that may help newbies in their field and improve those who think they’ve mastered the craft. A worthy read!

About the Author: Passionate DJ is a site that is dedicated to the DJ craft, and it makes sure that it provides inspiration and help to the aspiring and professional DJs.

14. Sounds and Colours

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Feed | Bandcamp

Sound and Colours is a special kind of site that lets you explore news about Latin American music and culture. It’s a refreshing way for music lovers to learn new things about a different country—a way to share experiences through one convenient site. While the blog focuses mainly on the music aspect, it discusses a wide array of subjects, like film and other art forms.

About the Author: Sounds and Colours is a wonderful site that promotes cultural exchange, specifically in the form of sharing South American and Latin American music through helpful articles and videos.

15. Magnetic Magazine

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Google+ | Pintrest | YouTube | LinkedIn

Magnetic Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to avid DJ music fans everywhere. They made this website for the comfort of their readers, accessible whenever and wherever. It’s not even short in content; the editorial team always fills it with the juiciest scoops and news that you won’t find anywhere on print. What’s more is that the Magnetic Magazine team update the site’s content daily, so you’ll never get bored of their articles!

About the Author: Magnetic Magazine is an EDM magazine that features interviews, new releases, and news from celebrity DJs around the globe. The writers also like to write in real time, so you get fresh news as soon as you can!

16. We Rave You

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Pintrest | YouTube | Soundcloud

We Rave You is a site for aspiring DJs with hidden talents and epic mixes. This site lets you promote yourself and get a shot to stardom! It also offers the newest hits and remixes out there, whether the singers are celebrities or fresh talents. Are you always looking for new updates and news for new album drops? This site has got you covered with its real-time updates and interesting topics.

About the Author: We Rave You focuses on delivering news, trends, and releases for EDM fans and aspiring DJs everywhere. You have new beats you want to share? We Rave You can promote you and get you the spotlight you crave for!

17. Discobelle.net

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Spundcloud | YouTube

Disco Belle is always on the lookout for new talents, and it makes sure to write about them as soon as possible! If you’re always looking for new beats and songs to listen to, Disco Belle offers an extensive collection of new mixes from fresh talents around the globe. Want to know more about the artists? The site also has a page dedicated to interviews so you can connect with them!

About the Author: Disco Belle is a hub for fresh talents out there. It features new DJs with awesome beats to share. This blog makes sure that it showcases DJs’ works and shows off their achievements whenever it can.

18. Attack Magazine

Blog Type: single author

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Attack Magazine is a magazine for those who love to read the newest updates on the instrument releases, hottest mixes, interviews, and software you need to have. It has a wide array of articles posted on a daily basis and makes sure to introduce a new artist you can enjoy. Ranging from classic artists to new ones, Attack Magazine posts news all about music.

About the Author: Attack Magazine mainly focuses on new DJ releases and gadgets every EDM artist should have. It has tons of interesting topics, like software reviews, interviews, and scoops.

19. Dubspot

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | YouTube

Dubspot gathers the audiophiles and even professional producers, artists, and sound designers from around the globe and shows appreciation of their craft. This company is a music school that caters to all kinds of artists, and it makes sure to load the site with topics that can help the experienced and the newbies everywhere. Dubspot also offers online courses for those who want to learn.

About the Author: Dubspot wants to fill the music industry new talents, so it offers online courses for music lessons and churns out articles that will help any aspiring or professional artist out there.

20. EDMTunes

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

EDMTunes is a music website dedicated to the readers and works hard to ensure readers have their fill of new records and tracks that they can add to their playlist. The site introduces new talents and posts informative articles with the recent technology and software for artists. It also writes about new artists and their latest beats, so you can also check out the hottest events and parties of the year here.

About the Author: With a number of talented artists out there gone unrecognized, EDMTunes makes sure they get the exposure they deserve while it caters to the EDM enthusiasts’ demands as well.

21. EDM Joy

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Spotify

EDMJoy loves to share the fresh beats by the newest artists out there, so you’ll always get new music to dance to. It searches the internet and the cities for new talents to introduce to you and, hopefully, helps them get bigger than they are now. Aside from that, EDMJoy offers free music downloads on its website, along with your daily dose of news and interviews.

About the Author: EDMJoy gives you access to the hottest events and releases from celebrity and new artists. Head over to this blog if you want free EDM and want to read interviews with the great minds behind the music you enjoy now.

22. FutureMusic

Blog Type: single author

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Feed | Google+

Are you looking for new tools and gear for your music production? Looking for software and possible upgrades? FutureMusic covers various gadgets and updates that you can use for your mixes and beats. It also has the hottest apps and technology from the market and does reviews to help you decide what to get. Aside from the awesome gadgets in the market, FutureMusic also introduces new artists and hold awesome events.

About the Author: FutureMusic releases up-to-date reviews of the newest technologies for EDM production and innovation that will blow your mind away!

23. This Song Slaps

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Feed

Looking for your next big break? This Song Slaps lets you submit your original songs and remixes that may get you sponsored! It writes up the freshest news from the EDM community, ranging from big stars to new DJs. This Song Slaps caters to a wide array of genres, like house, dubstep, trap, and a lot more! If you’re a budding artist, submit your songs now, and get discovered!

About the Author: This Song Slaps is constantly looking for fresh, new talents, and it also advertises the newest mixes in the chart, epic events that show off great artist lineups, as well as shocking news.

24. RaverRafting

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Providing quality music content and news since 2011, RaverRafting is a great source of EDM news with thorough artist highlights and features, festival covers, and awesome photography. It provides details on new album releases, previews, event promotions, and even ticket sales! RaverRafting shares the best artist highlights and interesting new albums and discoveries. If you want to stay updated, this blog should be included in your bookmarks!

About the Author: RaverRafting shares up-to-date schedules of music festivals and events and news for avid fans out there. The team at RaverRafting dedicates its time and effort to providing quality content for its readers.

25. Mixing.DJ

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Mixing.DJ is a blog that caters to a number of EDM genres you can find out there, ranging from house to minimal. Among its content is a page that shows off awesome mixes that should be in your playlist and festival mixes.

Working and you have nothing to listen to? Mixing.DJ has a radio that categorizes music according to different artists and features live feed during a concert and trending music charts.

About the Author: Mixing.DJ is a great blog for people who want to listen to electronic music whenever they want to. This site has a wide collection of hits and mixes that will keep you pumped up for the rest of the day!

26. EDM Nations

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Spotify | Google+ | YouTube

Get your daily dose of the hottest charts, music promotions, and EDM news across the globe in one place! EDM Nations strives to publish fresh and accurate news before it becomes mainstream on the internet.

Always on the lookout for awesome beats you can add to the party playlist? EDM Nations makes awesome reviews and rates the songs before you can listen to them. From hardware to interviews, EDM Nations has it all!

About the Author: EDM Nations is a blog dedicated to searching the most recent news, festivals, hardware reviews, and as well as new DJs and producers in the industry.

27. House Planet

Blog Type: single author

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

From the latest craze to chart-topping hits, House Planet shares the best reviews, interviews, and videos throughout cities. You want to listen to new songs made by your favorite artists? Go for this blog as it has extensive lists of epic hits, reviews, interviews, and album releases. If you want access to free music made by indie talents, you can get them here!

About the Author: House Planet shares the latest releases, reviews, videos, news, and even free music from new or celebrity DJs and producers worldwide.

28. EDM Maniac

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Facebook

EDM Maniac not only posts the latest news from well-known musicians and producers out there, but also sells club tickets through the site. You can check out trending festivals and shocking news about Hollywood celebrities. If you need to find the latest album releases from celebrities or new DJs, this site makes sure to post articles daily.

About the Author: Always on the lookout for events and parties everywhere? EDM Maniac has it all, from interviews to event schedules to keep you in the loop for future raving.

29. One EDM

Blog Type: multiauthor

One EDM lets you in on the most exciting news about raving and parties. Looking forward to releases and interviews from your favorite artists? This site publishes real-time content to make sure it delivers the news to you without delay. One EDM even offers fashion advice to people who are planning to party in the next big event. From fashion advice to shocking news, One EDM has it all in one convenient blog!

About the Author: One EDM publishes the latest news about the music industry and lists hot outfit suggestions for incoming rave festivities. The team here makes sure you know the newest releases and interviews.

30. EDM Life

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Google+

Do you have a sick beat you’ve always wanted to share? Don’t know where to submit it to be seen? EDM Life strives to help out young artists make their mark in the music industry. While EDM Life posts daily news about the recent EDM events, releases, and music, it also shares the event or festival schedules so you can clear your schedule right away!

About the Author: EDM Life is a great blog that lets you check out the new releases, music videos, event schedules, and even VIP guests in specific parties. You will know the lineup even before you decide to go!

31. Mix 247 EDM

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Vimeo | YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn | Google+

Mix 247 EDM offers new talents you can listen to and amazing festivals lined up for this year. What’s more is the site gives away cool freebies and tickets to festivals! Mix 247 EDM is one of the leading EDM fashion blogs out there that are always on the lookout for the best outfits in the party. While EDM is definitely for music and adrenaline rush, Mix 247 EDM makes sure you look great while you’re partying hard!

About the Author: Mix 247 EDM is all about the hottest fashion trends in festivals and events around the world. While you can’t always be in each event, you can at least take the time to appreciate the creative outfits that make shows memorable.

32. HighLife Samples Packs and Loops

Blog Type: single author

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Vimeo | YouTube | Soundcloud | LinkedIn | Google+

HighLife Samples is a blog dedicated to music lovers. Do you want to download 2 GB worth of free music? Mosey on down to this site. It also has various genres that you can try listening to, ranging from deep house to techno, preparing your party to be rave worthy.

Do you aspire to be a DJ someday? HighLife Samples also offers handy presets and vocal samples you can use for your own beat!

About the Author: HighLife Samples is dedicated to spreading information, inspiration, and content for music lovers and aspiring DJ artists around the world. It has a wide selection of free sounds, presets, and vocal samples.

33. NYCRavers

Blog Type: single author

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Google+ | Youtube

NYCRavers is a blog for partygoers, ravers, and audiophiles everywhere. It always has a list of events ready for those who seek the ultimate adrenaline rush and excitement.

Looking for fun during parties? Check out the NYCRavers galleries, and see what kind of thrill you can expect from the rave parties the blog covers. Don’t miss out on being the life of the party, and check out the music selection and events available at NYCRavers!

About the Author: NYCRavers is a gold mine of knowledge about music mixes, raving, new elements like dank music, and even random knowledge about anything. It’s a chill blog that’s designed for fun and music.

34. Club Dance Mixes

Blog Type: single author

Club Dance Mixes is a great blog for aspiring DJs and has a lot of perks, articles, news, and samples that blow you away. If you like listening to and sharing new tracks from new talents and celebrity DJs, this blog is for you. It has a top 40 chart that’s filtered thoroughly and voted for by the readers and members of the site. It will definitely feel like home for audiophiles.

About the Author: Club Dance Mixes ranks the best of the best, so you don’t have to keep searching for the sickest beats to add to your playlist. Plus, it allows you to share its content on your social media.

35. No Dough Music

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | YouTube

No Dough Music lets you explore different genres in different times—and it has made it easy for you to navigate as well! If you want something unique and want to check out new artists, the site offers samples and playlists that may suit your taste for various occasions.

Curious about celebrities’ projects and album releases? You can check out news articles and discover juicy details!

About the Author: No Dough Music takes music seriously, so it does its best to give music that matches you in the same way peanut butter goes perfectly well jelly. The people at No Dough Music only want you to enjoy a playlist they prepared and to make life more colorful!

36. that DROP

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | YouTube | Snapchat

Want to be a part of a colorful and musical community? that DROP is a site for people who like sharing their musical creations and their online finds. The blog posts new tracks almost daily, and you can even download some of them for free! You can expect to read about recent festival schedules and changes if you’re the type who likes checking out the party scene.

About the Author: that DROP understands the magic of music; thus, its team likes to share the beats as much as possible while inspiring young talents to post their creations on the site.

37. The Nocturnal Times

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Brimming with handy information about the music industry and album releases, The Nocturnal Times does not only post at night. In fact, this blog is always on the lookout for the hottest trends and sickest beats. You get updates as soon as the great people at The Nocturnal Times get wind of the latest scoop, so you don’t have to look everywhere for the gossip or the music.

About the Author: The Nocturnal Times may call itself nocturnal, but it will certainly deliver news about and features on music, artists, and culture at any time of the day.

38. Smash the Club

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

Smash the Club is a no-nonsense site—it doesn’t need to push news and updates; the people of this blog will make you listen to those instead. Catch the latest remixes and covers from DJs, and be treated to music that come from unique genres. You can also share your own creation if you want to make yourself known to the fans of EDM. Make your mark, and find your inspiration here.

About the Author: The awesome people at Smash the Club share the best beats they can lay their hands on and make sure you add those to your playlist. The next time you invite some friends over to your party, play these beats to make the crowd go wild!

39. DJs Arena

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Feed

DJs Arena is exactly what it says it is—it’s an awesome showdown of music maestros unleashing their unique creations. Looking for the latest equipment to make your beats sound better and polished? The blog has special reviews that may help you find the best model of sound equipment out there.

A huge fan of a certain artist? DJs Arena is rife with various interviews and features that will inspire you to search your own spotlight.

About the Author: DJs Arena shows you the hottest releases, interviews, mixes, and even the recommended DJ tools that may improve the sound quality of your tracks. If you want to learn more about the music industry, this is the site to follow!

40. ElectroJams

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

ElectroJams dishes out news, festival schedules and events, and interviews from your favorite artists—and the good people of this blog make sure you always get that extra scoop. With a wide array of genres to offer, ElectroJams strives to be as far-reaching as possible to make sure all fans get their fill of their favorite music. The blog welcomes any fan and even inspires readers to act as a big online family.

About the Author: ElectroJams is your number one news source for everything related to album releases, parties, and events across the globe.

41. EDM Bangers

Blog Type: single author

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Google+ | YouTube

EDM Bangers caters to those who have an extreme love for EDM and always makes sure to keep you updated on anything and everything EDM. The blog prides itself on its comprehensive list of concerts, its fun giveaways, as well as awesome mixes that you can listen to whenever you’re down for some EDM lovin’. If you want to expand your personal playlist, EDM Bangers has tracks that are available for download! Here’s the best thing about that: the downloads are free.

About the Author: EDM Bangers provides VIP access to the freshest news, exclusive premieres, festival lineup and schedules, and even awesome giveaways. The people at EDM Bangers don’t joke around with music, and it certainly shows in the quality of the content they produce.

42. DJ Frequencies

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | YouTube | Google+

DJ Frequencies clues you in on the hottest parties in the city, and it even has podcasts available for your own listening pleasure. This blog covers some specific genres of EDM, but it strives to expand and cover more so all fans can enjoy the articles. It even posts the schedules for

About the Author: DJ Frequencies is a personal blog meant to spread the love for music, underground EDM, and even some passionate fans who want to share their ideas and podcasts. It’s a great way to exchange ideas and music.

43. All Access Electronic

Blog Type: single author

Follow This Blog: Facebook | Instagram

All Access Electronic is practically EDM heaven. It publishes news and festival updates and even has a weekly feature on the newest tracks. Are you looking for new artists to listen to? This site will show you a world of fresh talents and their own music. Curious about the incoming festival? All Access Electronic will keep you posted on schedule changes and lineups.

About the Author: All Access Electronic gives you everything you’ll ever want and need when it comes to EDM news, event schedules, and new concert videos so you’ll never have to look elsewhere. You can even check out the blog’s featured track of the week and discover new artists.

44. 657 Deejays

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Facebook | Instagram

657 Deejays is a dance-music blog that scours the internet to collect important news and details on releases so you don’t have to. It’s truly a treasure trove for audiophiles, and it also gives you a chance to promote your own music.

About the Author: 657 Deejays is dedicated to EDM. Find new releases, hit albums, and new artists all in one place!

45. Top House Music Blog

Blog Type: single author

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Soundcloud

Top House is one convenient place that showcases various award-winning labels, as well as international artists and their famous hits. There are some tracks that are available for download, so you can have your choice of party music anytime you want to. Top House has a few selections on the site, but these are carefully handpicked to make sure you enjoy what you hear.

About the Author: Top House is a collection of selected tunes and articles and features some of the world’s most renowned artists.

46. My Cup of Tech

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud

| Pinterest | LinkedIn | Google+

My Cup of Tech is definitely the cup of tea for music lovers everywhere. It has well-curated and interesting content for people who want to know about the latest and the best music releases, artist features, as well as festivals around the globe.

Looking for something new to explore and to listen to? My Cup of Tech provides in-depth information about the trends and music culture.

About the Author: My Cup of Tech is the ultimate place for audiophiles and partygoers everywhere. All you need to know about the most exciting musical events, festivals, and album launches are in this music hub.

47. The DJ List

Blog Type: single author

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

The DJ List is an extensive list of DJs from around the world and is dominated by the biggest names in the industry. There may be big DJs on top, but this blog still caters to promising new talents that you may want to follow and learn more about. The DJ List has a search function that allows you to check out DJ and their upcoming events!

About the Author: The DJ List is literally a list of DJs, and this eclectic selection ranges from chart toppers to fresh talents from different cities. The list covers diverse genres and an extensive list of future events you can follow.

48. Discover Music on SRL

Blog Type: multiauthor

Follow This Blog: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Pinterest | Google+ | LinkedIn | Reverbnation

Discover Music on SRL features new artists that you should follow. If you’re looking for the next big thing in the music industry, head over to this blog to listen to the recordings of these emerging artists. The blog hosts a collection of news, reviews, and even auditions you can check out.

About the Author: Discover Music on SRL is where new artists get their first exposure, and this blog has accumulated a roster of DJs that people should follow. Aside from its own pick of talents, SRL also has features news about celebrities and reviews of new artists.

49. Techno Station

Blog Type: multiauthor

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Techno Station is a great place to visit if you’re curious about recent album releases, new artists, celebrity DJ gossips, and even news from different party scenes around the world. Aside from posting entertaining pieces, this blog publishes guides and tips that may help you survive your first rave party and how to make it memorable.

Wanna watch old rave parties and concerts? Techno Station has an extensive gallery of photos from the trendiest parties around the world.

About the Author: Techno Station is where you can discover new artists and album releases and learn more about rave parties.

50. Point Blank Music School

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Point Blank Music School is a place where aspiring DJs can learn the secrets to making awesome music. You will be able to get extensive classes from renowned professional DJs around the globe and even check out the past students’ successes. The school has recently gone worldwide and even holds International Music Summits—a perfect chance to meet the great minds behind successful beats and aspiring talented DJs!

About the Author: At Point Blank Music School, DJs become better and creative in their craft. The school provides extensive online courses and master classes.

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