Dear Entertainment Professional,

The live music industry, including musicians, DJs, agents, managers, touring professionals and venues was one of the first to shut down as the pandemic swept across the country. Live music and the independent venues that support us will be among the last industries to return once this pandemic abates. In short, the current pandemic has shuttered and decimated our industry and the hardworking professionals it employs. We all need to band together and let our Congressional representatives know that we need help now and not in a month. Politics have no place in the process.

Our friends at NITO have a tool available to everyone to directly communicate with their representatives. The process is easy and takes less than 60 seconds. You have the opportunity to modify the pre-written text, so you have previously written, you can write again as a follow up. Please forward this message to others you know who wish to support the industry.

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David Rice
PSSL - ProSound & Stage Lighting