Atlona AT-OMNI-232 Analog Audio Bridge With Dante

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    Atlona AT-OMNI-232 Analog Audio Bridge With Dante

    The Atlona OmniStream™ 232 (AT-OMNI-232) is a Dante networked audio interface that transmits and receives two channels of audio over a network. Part of the OmniStream Audio Series, OmniStream 232 devices are ideal for integrating microphones and other audio sources with a Dante-equipped DSP and OmniStream AV decoders. The OmniStream 232 features two balanced mic/line audio inputs with selectable 24-volt phantom power, as well as two balanced line level outputs. It can be powered over the network though Power over Ethernet (PoE), as well as from local AC power. The OmniStream 232 extends the power and flexibility of the OmniStream networked AV platform, by enabling facility-wide system designs that include complete audio system integration with Dante-based professional audio devices.

    • Dual-channel Dante audio bridge
    • Two balanced mic/line inputs
    • Selectable 24 volt phantom power for each input
    • Two balanced line level outputs
    • Selectable input and output gain settings
    • Local or PoE (Power over Ethernet) powering

    Simplify audio over IP with Dante.- The OmniStream 232 lets you integrate microphones and other sources using Audinate Dante, the AV industry’s most popular audio over IP technology. You can also incorporate a growing number of professional audio devices with Dante built-in.

    Ideal for facility audio distribution systems.- The OmniStream 232 is the ideal bridge into facility-wide Dante audio systems for conferencing, presentations, paging, and background music. When paired with an OmniStream VC-2 decoder, you can bring in de-embedded audio from an HDMI source, or embed Dante audio for a display.

    Compact and discreet.- The small, slim enclosure makes this device perfect for installation below a conferencing table, in a rack or credenza, or behind a display. You can place the OmniStream 232 anywhere audio integration may be needed.

    Easy to Configure, Simple to Manage- OmniStream AV over IP systems are remarkably easy to set up and manage – whether for a meeting room, residence, divisible room, or an entire university campus. Atlona Management System (AMS) 2.0 features automatic network device discovery, plus an intuitive web-based GUI that lets you configure virtual routing for AV, control, and data over the network – just as easily as you would with conventional AV matrix switching. AMS also streamlines and simplifies management of OmniStream systems through continuous system monitoring, notifications and alerts, event logging, multi-device configuration and backup, automated firmware updates, remote device control, and more.

    Dante audio networking- The OmniStream 232 integrates audio with data networks using Audinate Dante, a popular audio networking technology widely used in the commercial AV and professional audio industries. For facilities with conference or meeting rooms, it is ideal for integrating microphones onto the network for processing by a Dante-enabled DSP, or incorporating into a larger Dante audio system for applications such as paging, recording, or sharing microphone resources between rooms. Additionally, this audio interface works with an OmniStream AV decoder for processing de-embedded audio streamed over the network, and embedding Dante audio for playback through a display. (Note: Dante audio over IP routing configuration requires Dante Controller software.)

    Product Compatibility- The OmniStream 232 is compatible with the OmniStream 121 and OmniStream 122 decoders as an interface between OmniStream VC-2 streams and Dante audio streams. It is also compatible with third-party Dante networked audio devices for inclusion in networked audio systems.


    • Meeting rooms and similar spaces with several microphones - OmniStream 232 units can be used to integrate mic audio into a DSP over a Dante network.
    • Enterprises and other large organizations - In such environments, there is often a need for complete AV system solutions that include professional-quality audio for conferencing and sound reinforcement. (See this featured application as an example.)
    • Facilities in which Dante audio systems are already in place, or are being planned - OmniStream makes it easy and convenient to tie in HDMI source audio, and also bring facility-wide background music and paging into AV systems.

    Atlona AV Over IP Certification

    Atlona is pleased to offer Atlona AV Over IP Certification through free, InfoComm-certified and accredited online education courses. With AV Over IP Certification, you’ll have the credibility, knowledge, and confidence to inform your customers on the ideal networked AV system solutions for their requirements, and deliver quality sales and technical support whenever necessary.

    Being certified by Atlona gives you priority and key advantages in selling and supporting OmniStream systems. or more information, please contact your Atlona sales representative.


    • Dual-channel Dante networked audio interface
      • Expand the capabilities of OmniStream networked AV systems by integrating audio devices and digital signal processing*
      • Allows a unified AV-over-IP platform for facility or enterprise-wide audio and video distribution
      • * The OmniStream 232 uses the Dante networked audio protocol, and operates independently from VC-2 streams and OmniStream AV encoders and decoders. Dante audio over IP routing configuration requires Dante Controller software.
    • Two balanced mic/line inputs
      • Provide a localized audio connection for microphones, or de-embedded audio from an OmniStream AV decoder
      • Avoids the need to run long mic cables to an equipment rack
    • Selectable 24 volt phantom power for each input
      • Delivers the appropriate power necessary for a condenser microphone
      • Ensures compatibility with the wide range of popular phantom-powered microphones used in pro AV systems
    • Two balanced line level outputs
      • Deliver Dante audio to an OmniStream AV decoder for embedding onto an HDMI output, or send to a local sound reinforcement system
      • Enables flexible system design options for audio playback in a facility
    • Selectable input and output gain settings
      • Set up for mic and program audio reference levels, as well as interfacing with pro or consumer audio equipment
      • Simple built-in controls for setting proper audio gain structure and delivering quality performance
    • Supports industry-standard, network security features and protocols
      • HTTPS, Telnet, SSH, WebSockets with TLS, and AES-128 encryption.
    • Simplify integration with plug-and-play network switch compatibility
      • Streamline system setup by using Atlona Certified Switch configurations for popular models from Cisco, Pakedge, and others
      • Saves installation time and costs without the need to manually configure a network switch
    • Local or PoE (Power over Ethernet) powering
      • Device can conveniently be powered over the network from a PoE-equipped network switch
      • PoE simplifies integration without the need for local AC power, and allows centralized power monitoring and management
      • Optional AT-PS-241-NL power supply available
    • Easy to configure and manage with AMS (Atlona Management System)
      • Intuitive, web-based GUI for setting up OmniStream systems, including virtual routing for AV*, control, and data over the network
      • Simplify OmniStream system management with continuous monitoring, notifications and alerts, multi-device configuration and backup, automated firmware updates, and more
      • Available as a cost-effective server appliance, or a free software download


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