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Community IV6-1122WR05 12-inch Vertical Array Grey

I Series Modular Vertical Array 600 is a scalable, adaptive sound reinforcement system featuring multiple vertically arrayable elements designed to be used in combination or separately, and with or without splay between cabinets, providing an extensive range of vertical coverage angle and throw distance configurations. Two carefully chosen array elements, 120° x 5° and 120° x 15°, overcome the physical limitations and acoustical tuning difficulties of conventional line arrays and constant-curvature (point source) arrays while maintaining the best qualities of each.

Two complementary, discreet coverage angles permit the creation of true line array configurations for longer throws, gently curving progressive curvature arrays for medium size applications and compact constant-curvature arrays where nearfield point source coverage is required. Constraining the splay angle between any adjacent element to 0°, 2.5° or 5° eliminates excessive coverage overlap as well as gaps in coverage between adjacent elements that occur when typical line array elements are deployed in their straightest or most curved configurations. The splay brackets also provide adequate adjustment between IV6 elements to adapt the vertical coverage angle of an array to fit the needs of any application.

After resolving physical array configuration needs, typical vertical arrays still suffer from level and frequency response imbalances between the nearest and furthest listeners. Multi-channel DSP-based solutions are available to help correct these issues, but are typically complicated and expensive. Instead, the IV6 has a built-in passive system to resolve the issue that requires no additional amplifier or DSP channels, called Passive Acoustic Optimization (PAO).

PAO provides up to 19dB of frequency-selective attenuation in 1.5dB steps within each element, allowing passive correction of the level and response throughout an array's vertical coverage plane. In addition to the standard array aiming features found in Ease® Focus 3 Software, a Community exclusive Passive Acoustic Optimization module quickly calculates the ideal attenuation settings for each element in the array to achieve uniform SPL and frequency response throughout each listening area.


  • Versatile configurations for both constant curve and line array applications
  • Built-in Passive Acoustic Optimization settings allow array response shaping using one amplifier channel
  • Elegant acoustics designed for permanent installations
  • Exclusive Acoustic Optimization and Rigging Safety Check modules integrated into Ease® Focus 3
  • Outdoor (weather-resistant) model


  • Finish: Grey
  • Operating Mode: Passive with Integrated Passive Acoustic Optimization
  • Passive Array Optimization Settings:
    • Element Attenuation: 15 dB range (in 1.5 dB steps)
    • HF Attenuation: 6 dB range (in 1.5 dB steps)
  • Operating Environment: Weather-Resistant Outdoor
  • Operating Range: 40 Hz to 18.5 kHz
  • Nominal Beamwidth:
    • Horizontal: 120°
    • Vertical: Array dependent, 5° maximum splay
  • Transducers:
    • LF: 1 x 12" (305mm) ferrite driver, 3" (76mm) voice coil, inherentlyweather-resistant cone
    • HF: 2 x 1.7" (43mm) voice coil, 1" (25mm) exit, ketonepolymer diaphragm,neodymium compression drivers
  • Continuous Power Handling @ Nominal Impedance 80V, 400W @ 16 ohms (1600W peak)
  • Recommended Amplifiers 400W - 800W @ 16 ohms, (80V - 113V) equivalent to 1600W - 3200W @ 4 ohms
  • Nominal Sensitivity (1W/1m):
    • 1: 102 dB
    • 4: 107 dB
    • 6: 108 dB
    • 8: 110 dB
    • 12: 113 dB
    • 16: 115 dB
  • Nominal Maximum SPL Peak(Continuous):
    • 1: 134 dB (128 dB)
    • 4: 145 dB (139 dB)
    • 6: 148 dB (142 dB)
    • 8: 151 dB (145 dB)
    • 12: 156 dB (150 dB)
    • 16: 159 dB (153 dB)
  • Equalized Sensitivity6 (1W/1m):
    • 1: 102 dB
    • 4: 107 dB
    • 6: 108 dB
    • 8: 110 dB
    • 12: 113 dB
    • 16: 115 dB
  • Equalized Maximum SPL Peak (Continuous):
    • 1: 134 dB (128 dB)
    • 4: 145 dB (139 dB)
    • 6: 148 dB (142 dB)
    • 8: 151 dB (145 dB)
    • 12: 156 dB (150 dB)
    • 16: 159 dB (153 dB)
  • Input Connection: (1) Screw terminal block (2x 2-position), (2) NL4 Connectors
  • Mounting Points: (8) M10 threaded rigging points (4 per side)
  • Environmental: Outdoor: IP55W per IEC 60529, designed in accordance with MIL-STD810G; Two (2) IP68-rated gland nuts included with Input panel cover accept cable diameters of 0.2-0.39" (5-10mm)
  • Weight: 62.0 lbs (28.1 kg) loudspeaker and 1 pair of splay brackets
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):14.02" x 28.84" x 16.59" (356 x 733 x 421 mm)
  • Finish: Refer to the Technical Drawing
  • Options

  • Accessories:
    • Contact Community for Rigging information
    • Additional rigging/mounting options are available from PolarFocus
  • Configure-to-Order (CTO) Custom color


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