Leviton IAD15-220 i Series 5.0 Kilowatt Dual Dimmer Module, 240-Volt, 350us

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Leviton IAD15-220 i Series 5.0 Kilowatt Dual Dimmer Module, 240-Volt, 350us


  • The dimmer module is designed for superior reliability in the most demanding of operation conditions. Each module is equipped with its own high-speed microprocessor to monitor its active power conditions, control its own firing modulation, and regulate its output voltage(s). The result is an unmatched capacity to tolerate fluctuations in voltage and frequency while maintaining output integrity. Each dimmer module also monitors its temperature and active voltage and current output and reports this information to the control module. Each dimmer module has a dedicated optically isolated control signal line from the control module – the failure of one module cannot affect the operation of any other dimmer module. This “distributed electronics” system allows the control module to handle higher level tasks, such as pile-on and remapping of dimmer data, and storage and recall of Backup Looks.


  • The dimmers are housed in removable modules made of die-cast aluminum. Each module contains one or two circuit breakers, a solid state SCR switching device (SSR), a high-speed microprocessor PCB, and two filter chokes. The face of the module has a handle, the circuit breaker switches, air vents, and labeled LEDs for local feedback. The left side of the module has a wide section of spring steel to insure a proper fit for each module in the rack. All electrical contacts feature self-aligning floating connectors to insure precise alignment of all connections. Modules are keyed so that a module of higher ampacity cannot be inserted into a slot that is wired for a lower ampacity dimmer. All dimmer modules can be inserted and removed without the use of any tools.


  • The i Series dimmer module is designed to operate on voltages ranging from 90-140VAC (120V nominal) or 198-264VAC (230V nominal) at 45-65 Hz. The dimmer module electronics’ firing signal is optically isolated to 4,000 Volts from the power semiconductors. Additionally, the control signal from the control module is optically isolated to 4,000 Volts from the dimmer module electronics. The high-speed microprocessor gives the dimmer the ability to break the zero-to-full dimmer curve into over 5,000 discrete steps.
  • The i Series dimmer module is capable of withstanding the following adverse conditions without any interruption of operation:
    • a complete dropout of line voltage for up to 10 milli-seconds
    • a line surge or sag of 25% of nominal operating voltage for at least 500 milli-seconds
    • transient voltage up to 2 1/2 times the nominal line voltage
  • The module can also maintain proper output voltage regulation with +/- 1 Volt for line voltage changes of up to 10 Volts per second, and for line frequency changes of up to 1 Hertz per second


  • Each i Series dimmer can be programmed for the following operation parameters:
    • line voltage regulation speed
    • control response speed
    • minimum and maximum level
    • Leviton’s patented Electronic Noise Reduction feature (on/off)
    • non-dim operation and threshold level
    • cable resistance compensation
    • one of five user programmable output curves (profiles)
    • recorded load level
    • over-temperature warning level
  • When a dimmer is set as a non-dim, it passes a full sine wave unregulated from the input voltage.
  • Each dimmer tracks operating conditions and provides feedback to the control module, which transmits the information to the user interfaces and/or the LEDs on the face of the dimmer module. Real-time feedback information for each dimmer includes the following elements:
    • active load in Watts
    • active voltage
    • error conditions
    • deviation from recorded load
    • open circuit (no load)
    • tripped circuit breaker
    • over-temperature warning
    • over-temperature shutdown
    • Panic condition
    • incorrect module for selected rack position
  • Modules are available in standard (500µ) or high (800µ) rise times. Oscillographic evidence of rise time data is available upon request.
  • Airflow modules are required in unused slots in order to maintain proper rack ventilation.
  • 120 V units are UL listed and C-UL listed (for Canadian applications)

Dimensional Data – in. [cm]

  • Width: 12.5 [31.8]
  • Depth: 6.5 [16.5]
  • Height: 1.5 [3.8]


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