Meyer Sound Console Accessory Transporter Module for Cue Console LCS Series

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    Meyer Sound Console Accessory Transporter Module for Cue Console LCS Series

    CueConsole™ is a programmable control surface for the Meyer Sound LCS Series™ Matrix3™ audio show control system system. It provides physical controls that can be assigned by the user to any Matrix3 function. CueConsole is modular and can be assembled and configured by the user in a number of different ways. Modules include motorized faders, meters, Cue List operation, and expanded single-channel controls for detailed editing.

    The philosophy of the design is to provide a system that can be configured by the user. Any number of modules can be combined into a system. The physical placement can be a layout that looks like a conventional large mixing console, or can be optimized to fit a much smaller space and to provide easy access to all controls.

    Cuestation™ version 4 is required to use CueConsole with Matrix3. You will need CueConsole modules, a Matrix3 system, CueStation 4 software and Virtual LX software.

    The Transporter module is designed to show the active cue name and number, the standby cue name and number, provide controls to execute the standby cue (GO), select and position the cue list, and to directly execute and update assigned cues. The Transporter module also includes controls and displays for the overall operation of the system. These global controls include Included are two buttons labeled 'A' and 'B'.


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