MXL RF100 Mic Stand Mountable Reflection Screen

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    MXL RF100 Mic Stand Mountable Reflection Screen

    The MXL RF-100 Reflection Filter is a lightweight portable device designed to minimize unwanted room ambiance and reflections in difficult environments. Utilizing a unique five panel design constructed with high quality metal and acoustic foam, the MXL RF-100 features two alternative mounting methods and is suitable for use on both straight and boom type microphone stands. The RF-100 will effectively give the "dry" vocal sound even in rooms with awkward reflections. Perfect for use in studio recording, personal recording, and other similar situations where it is required to isolate the microphone from ambient noise.

    The RF-100 provides the least "colored" results when the microphone is centrally positioned within the body of the filter. Alternative positions however can prove very useful for obtaining specific treatments. For example, setting up the reflection filter with the microphone closer to the filter wall in front of a guitar cabinet or closer to the open front in a live sounding room lets more of the room sound into the microphone. As with any other piece of recording equipment, experimentation is key.


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