Novation REMOTE-37-SL USB Midi Controller 37 Keys

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Finally recording in the dark is a thing of the past. The SL shines a light on the murky world of MIDI control by providing two giant brightly lit LCD screens alongside an intelligent Automap mode which detects what instruments you have in your project and intelligently and logically maps the controls to the SLs front panel.

2 Giant LCD Screens For Displaying Control Names Values:

Running along the top of the ReMOTE SL front panel are two 144character screens which can display up to 16 parameter names and values simultaneously. This makes controlling in the dark a thing of the past and does away with Template overlays or having to remember the function of each control. It also makes navigating though menus simple as each page is laid out side by side and edited using the buttons or knobs directly below.

Fantastic New Automap Mode:

This new intelligent mode is set to revolutionise the way you make music When an Automapsupported application boots up currently Reason 3 Cubase SL/SX 3 Nuendo 3 Logic Pro 7 and Ableton Live 5 with more on their way the SL loads up the Automap Template and all the parameter assignment is done for you showing you everything clearly on the gigantic screens. All you have to do to switch between controlling different instruments or areas of your session is click once with the mouse or press one button on the SL depending on the application. Go to the Automap page here to find out more.

8 MusicallyResponsive Trigger Pads:

Brand new to Novation controllers are these dynamic trigger pads for sketching out beats or bashing out samples. Each pad can be calibrated any way the user desires with sensitivity and assigned data both fully programmable. For example the pads can be set up as velocitysensitive MIDI notes or buttons assigned to a CC number where the value of that number is defined by the strength the pad is hit.

A SemiWeighted Keyboard Action With Aftertouch:

At the heart of the ReMOTE is a superb action semiweighted keyboard with aftertouch. Unlike many controllers you can play your favourite software synth or sampler with the care and precise control that can make a huge difference to the final performance.

Hands On Responsive Control For Every Application:

The ergonomically designed front panel is inviting and simple to use. And its all there 8 rotary potentiometers 8 sliders 8 rotary encoders and 24 switches that are entirely programmable. All controls can be named and memorised as a collection with a group template name then saved in any one of the 64 template memories.

UseAnywhere Portability Rechargeable Power:

The ReMOTE SL may be powered by six Csize alkaline/rechargeable batteries or external mains PSU. When connected to a computer via USB rechargeable batteries are charged without the need of a mains recharger.

X/Y Touchpad For Total Expression:

Indicative of Novations forward thinking design is the touchpad. Being fully assignable and programmable in both X sidetoside and Y upanddown directions stunning and unique performance effects are just a fingerglide away. Imagine setting a distortion amount and a pan position on the left to right movement and an LFO speed and filter cutoff on the top to bottom movement total expressive and creative control.

Dedicated Transport Controls Fast Template Function Buttons:

Total control over your sequencers transport and locate functions are yours via the dedicated transport and four function button controls. Select a new template scroll through templates send snapshots transmit a panic command etc. this kind of instant flexibility will streamline your working practice.

Built In USB /MIDI Interface:

Now shipped with both Windows and Mac OSX USB MIDI drivers just plug into the USB port install the driver software and the ReMOTE is fully operational. Alternatively if your computer system does not have USBthen simply plug into the MIDI ports. The ReMOTE SL provides two MIDI Out ports one MIDI thru port and one MIDI In port. Information originating from the ReMOTE keyboard or its controls can be sent directly to the USB port and/or any of the MIDI out ports. The MIDI ports can be used to integrate the rest of your MIDI gear into your computer system.

  • Rotary Encoders: 8 Infinite Rotation
  • Rotary Potentiometers: 8 Rotation 0 to 270 Degrees
  • Sliders: 8
  • Buttons: 32
  • Trigger pads: 8
  • Transport Controls: Rewind/Fast Forward/Stop/Start/Record/Loop assignable buttons
  • TAP TEMPO Button: 1
  • General Operation: Play/Edit/Template/Global/Write buttons
  • Data select: 1 x rotary encoder press to change function
  • Keyboard Octave: Octave up/down buttons

Preinstalled onboard Templates and Automaps:
  • Novation: VStation Bass Station
  • Propellerhead only Automap: Reason All Instruments Mixer rack effects
  • Native Instruments: FM7 Pro 53 Battery II Kontakt II B4
  • G Media: Oddity ImpOSCar Minimonsta
  • Steinberg: Cubase/Nuendo Automap Mixer/Effects and VSTs Halion
  • Cakewalk: Z3ta
  • Korg: Legacy Cell MS20 Polysix
  • reFX: Vanguard
  • Arturia: CS80V Arp 2600V
  • Rob Papen/Linplug: Albino
  • Apple: Logic Automap Mixer and Instruments
  • Ableton: Live Automap Mixer/Navigation and Effects


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