Oyaide d-Plus MYTS Class B 1.5m Mini to 1/4 TS Cable

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Oyaide d+ MYTS Class B 1.5m Mini to 1/4 TS Cable

New model, "d + MYTS class B / 1.5 m" of the newly developed 3.5 mm stereo mini plug to 1/4 inch TS plug appears in "d + class B series"!

Since its release, the newly developed 3.5mm stereo is added to "d + class B series" which has gained popularity from users all over the world represented by DJs and music producers with coloring with presence and solid sound & build quality, new model of mini plug to 1/4 inch TS plug, "d + MYTS class B / 1.5 m" will appear.

From the mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones that have increased their presence as one of the options in music production, with gadget-type synthesizers and drum machines that are enjoying the market in recent years, recording / playback / musical instrument applications are enhanced, 1/4 inch It is the best cable for connecting to a mixer or effecter equipped with the TS jack input terminal and using it for live performance or connecting to an audio interface and recording on the Daw.

The d + series analog audio transmission cable is a cable designed with a simple structure that emphasizes combinations of materials and eliminates unnecessary to adapt to modern systems with digital equipment.

By adopting the extremely thick 18 AWG high purity OFC conductor, the Class B series brings a solid sound and dense information volume. The flat structure also prevents interference between lines and plays a clean sound with no distortion.


  • LR channel branching parts boasting high rigidity: The newly developed LR channel branching part boasts high rigidity against external shock and protects the branch part where trouble of cable breakage is likely to occur. Moreover, it has the corresponding flexibility, and it is possible to wire it without putting too much stress on the base part of the part when branching the cable greatly in situations etc. connected to the left and right speakers.
  • Newly designed L type 3.5mm stereo mini plug: Adopting the newly designed L type 3.5 mm stereo mini plug, it realizes smooth and space-saving wiring along the side of the connected equipment. In addition, by grounding the side of the flat cable, it protects delicate voice signals from adverse effects of external vibration noise due to interference with the ground plane, while securing a thick conductor cross section with the AWG 18.
  • For gadget synths and tablet production: In live performance, when using a gadget type synthesizer equipped with a 3.5 mm stereo mini output terminal, a drum machine, tablet or smartphone with various music production / instruments application installed, performance with higher quality sound quality It is an optimal solution to realize.
  • Highly reliable d + class B series: The best choice when connecting to the 1/4 TS jack input terminal installed in the audio interface or effector from the 3.5 mm stereo mini output terminal of music production equipment and music reproduction equipment during live performance or recording. The highly reliable d + class B series that the facts used in clubs, festivals and music production studios around the world show, will contribute to the further improvement of the sound quality of the sound.


  • Construction: Inverted concentric twisted flat cable
  • Conductor: High purity oxygen-free copper (0.18 mm x 33)
  • Insulator: Polyolefin
  • Exterior sheath: PVC
  • Connector: 3.5 mm stereo mini (L type) to TS jack (pair)
  • Housing:PBT + Glass Fiber
  • Outer cover: PVC
  • Terminal: 24K gold-plated coated bronze alloy
  • Branch length: About 50 cm from the stereo mini plug to the branching parts (From the branching parts, you can adjust with the slider ahead)
  • Length: 1.5 m


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