Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXSS2 4-Ch DJ Mixer with Decksaver

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Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXSS2 4-Ch DJ Mixer w/ Decksaver

Bundle Includes:
  • 1x Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2 4-Channel 12-Inch DJ Mixer
  • 1x Decksaver DS-PC-DJM900NXS2 DJM-900 Nexus 2 Cover

Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2 4-Channel 12-Inch DJ MixerThe Pioneer DJ DJM 900NXS2 is a four-channel professional DJ mixer, equipped with Sound Color FX, Beat FX, enhanced EQ curves, and an independent Send/Return channel for unbeatable flexibility in your mix.

Each of the four-channels on the Pioneer DJ DJM 900NXS2 has a three-band EQ and intuitive high-to-low color filter, allowing you to sculpt the perfect mix. The Magvel faders utilize a contact-free magnetic system, delivering smooth control across years of use. With its updated yet familiar design, the DJM 900NXS2 makes it immediately clear to see which of your channels are receiving FX, and which ones are clipping into the red.

The Pioneer DJ DJM 900NXS is built to a professional quality and is hugely adaptable to whatever your set-up requires. Gold-plated RCA outputs offer the highest quality sound. Four phono inputs on the rear allow turntables to be connected to each channel. External FX units can be fed in through the dedicated Send/Return strip. Don’t forget the dual USB soundcards, which allow for seamless DJ transitions.

Flexibility with FXThe DJM 900NXS2 features a wide selection of available FX, allowing for even more creative choice in your performances. The unit-wide Sound Color FX can be tweaked using a new parameter control knob: fine-tune the feedback of the Dub Echo; the distortion of the Crush; or the resonance of the Filter and more across six studio-quality FX. Meanwhile, the high-resolution OLED screen displays your Beat FX. You can perfect the settings of these 14 FX –– including Ping Pong, Vinyl Brake, and Helix — using the touch-sensitive X-Pad. FX Frequency buttons isolate your FX to low, mid, or high frequencies for even further flexibility and killer sounds.

Professional quality audioThis is Pioneer’s first ever 64-bit mixing processor, outputting studio quality 96kHz/64-bit audio. The internal circuitry has been enhanced over previous models, resulting in improved dithering technology and a low jitter clock. This means your mixes will have that warm analog sound, but without the undesirable noise from vintage technologies. The two USB ports on the DJM 900NXS2 each have dedicated sound cards, allowing seamless DJ transitions; while the Pro DJ Link on the back of the mixer connects to four players sharing a single source.

Enhanced yet familiarThe DJM 900NXS2 utilizes a traditional Pioneer DJ design, but with added enhancements. This means you’re faced with an intuitive and familiar mixer that features welcome improvements over previous models. The three-band EQ on each channel benefits from an enhanced curve option, providing superior control over the tone of your music. The addition of an independent Send/Return channel allows you to combine built-in and external FX with an optimum blend –– you can even make use of the USB port to connect an iOS device for a choice of FX apps.

Pioneer’s DJM 900NXS2 offers you the professional quality sound and wide ranging FX needed to make your set-up complete.

Decksaver DS-PC-DJM900NXS2 DJM-900 Nexus 2 DJ Mixer CoverDesigned and engineered in the UK for the Pioneer DJ DJM-900 NSX2 mixer. Manufactured from super durable polycarbonate, a tough transparent plastic with hard-wearing qualities - an essential investment for this elite-level mixer. Precision moulded for an exact fit whilst accommodating cables, the DJM-900 NSX2 can sit ready for operation. Each Decksaver cover is rigorously tested before it carries their name - shields faders and controls from dust, liquid and accidental impact at home, in transit and in the booth.

Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2 4-Channel 12-Inch DJ Mixer Features:

  • Professional Sound Design - A studio-quality, 96 kHz/64-bit digital signal processor uses enhanced dithering technology and a low-jitter clock to deliver a warm, natural analog sound. Analogue noise is reduced through improved pre-amp and output circuits too.
  • Sound Color FX - 6 studio-quality sound FX - Sweep, Filter, Crush, Dub Echo, Noise and Space - are available on every channel. Use the parameter control knob to fine-tune the FX.
  • Beat FX - Use the large X-Pad to engage 14 different types of Beat FX and adjust the parameters with just one finger. A high-res OLED display instantly shows you which FX are in play.
  • Frequency FX - Choose which frequency range you want to apply FX to. You can add echo to the vocals, for example, or double the rhythm of hi-hat with the touch of a button.
  • Independent Send/Return - Use built-in FX and an external FX unit at the same time. Simply connect external hardware via Aux. Or connect your iPhone/iPad via USB to engage instrument and FX apps - try it with the RMX-1000 for iPad.
  • USB Sound Card - A built-in USB sound card allows simultaneous input/output of stereo signals from 4 ins and 5 outs, while 96 kHz/24-bit high-sampling processing ensures the audio quality. Connect the unit to your laptop or computer via USB and the settings utility tool will automatically open, allowing you to configure the mixer, sound card and audio routing to suit your preferences.
  • Advanced connectivity - Use Pro DJ Link to connect up to 4 players and share one source, see detailed rekordbox information and unlock a number of advanced features including Quantize. You can also connect a PC/Mac with just one USB cable to control rekordbox dj and other DJ software with all 4 players.

Decksaver DS-PC-DJM900NXS2 DJM-900 Nexus 2 DJ Mixer Cover Specifications:

  • Weight: 0.7 kg
  • Cover Dimension: 40.5 × 32.6 × 7.8 cm
  • Fit: DJM-900 NXS2


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