Radial JRAK 4 Rack Adapter for 4 DI Boxes

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Radial JRAK 4 Rack Adapter for 4 DI Boxes

J-Rak 4 4-space Rack Adapter

About the J-Rak 4
Most Radial direct boxes, splitters, isolators and Reampers may be rack-mounted using either the J-Rak 4™ or the J-Rak 8™. These enable multiple units to be combined and safely stored for touring or used as part of a permanent installation. Mounting the DIs is easy. You simply remove the outer shell and slide the inner frame into one of the racks

J-Rak 4 Works With

  • Direct Box
    • JDI - Passive Direct Box
    • JDI Stereo - Stereo Passive DI
    • J48 - Active Direct Box
    • J48 Stereo - Stereo Active Direct Box
    • J33 - Phono Preamp & DI
    • JDX 48 - Amplifier Direct Box
    • JPC - Computer Direct Box
    • ProAV1 - Multimedia Direct Box0
    • ProAV2 - Stereo Multimedia Direct Box
    • ProD2 - Stereo Direct Box
    • PZ-DI - Orchestral Instrument DI
    • Trim-Two - Passive Stereo Direct Box
    • USB-Pro - Stereo USB DI
  • Interfaces
    • J+4 - Stereo Line Driver
    • J-Iso - Stereo +4dB to -10dB converter
    • JS2 - Microphone Splitter
    • JS3 - Microphone Splitter
    • LX-2 - Line-Level Splitter & Attenuator
    • LX-3 - Line-Level Splitter
    • Pro-Iso - +4dB to -10dB converter
    • ProMS2 - Passive Microphone Splitter
    • Relay Xo - Active Output Switcher
    • Twin-Iso - Line Level Isolator
  • Reamp
    • JCR - Studio Reamper
    • X-Amp - Active Reamp


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