Radial JX62 Guitar Selector with 6 Inputs

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Radial JX62 Guitar Selector w/ 6 Inputs

Concert Touring Guitar and Amplifier Switcher

The JX62™ is a guitar and amp switcher designed for both wired and wireless guitars in a live concert touring environment, with the ability to switch between up to six instruments and two amplifiers with ease.

A guitar technician's best friend
The JX62 can help tame even the most complex guitar rigs, routing multiple inputs and outputs while also providing a stage tech with a headphone output and PFL switches to silently tune instruments and monitor any input without disrupting the performance. All six instrument inputs have adjustable trim controls to balance their relative levels, while channels 5 and 6 also feature direct outputs to feed the PA system, eliminating the need for external direct boxes. Dual amplifier outputs can be selected locally or with a remote JR-2 footswitch, with transformer isolation and ground lift switches to ensure noise free operation.

Using the JX62 with a guitar rig
The JX62 is the ultimate instrument and amp selector for a busy rock star! Connect four wireless guitars and then switch between two amps using the optional JR2 footswitch. Add a couple of acoustics with direct outs to the PA system.

Using the JX62 with a bass setup
Use the JX62 to switch between your favorite electrics and an upright. Channels 5 and 6 have direct outs to feed the PA system, eliminating the need for external direct boxes. Use the optional JR2 to mute the basses when tuning or switching instruments.

Using the JX62 with a multi-instrumentalist
With six inputs, the JX62 makes it easy to switch between six instruments on stage. Individual trim controls let you match the signals for the perfect balance. Use the direct outs with some Radial DI boxes if you have channels to spare!


  • Select between 6 guitars and 2 amps
  • PFL switches and headphone output for system checks
  • Two Radial DI outputs for acoustic guitars
  • Transformer isolated to eliminate ground loops
  • On
    Turns on the channel and routes the signal to amp outputs.
  • Drag
    Lets you adjust the load on the pickup to optimize the tone.
  • PFL
    Sends the input signal to the headphones and tuner.
  • LEDs
    Provides quick visual reference of critical functions.
  • Trim
    Sets the input levels so that all channels produce the same relative output.
  • Direct Out Gnd
    Lifts pin-1 on XLR to eliminate ground loops.
  • Direct Out On
    Sends signal to balanced XLR direct box output.
  • Direct Out Pol
    Reverses the phase to eliminates resonance.
  • Amp A/B Gnd
    Lifts the ground on 1/4" output to help eliminate ground loops.
  • Amp A/B On
    Turns on amp outputs to bypass AB select.
  • Amp A/B Sel
    Manual control over A and B amp outputs.
  • Amp A/B Pol
    Used to set the two amplifiers in phase.
  • Mute
    Mutes all outputs except the tuner and headphone.
  • Monitor
    Sets the headphone level for the PFL and rear tuner output.
  • Tuner
    ¼" output for guitar tuner, wedge monitor or stage amp.
  • Phones
    TRS headphone output for PFL and main outs.
  • Power Supply
    Locking connection for the external power supply.
  • Tuner Output
    On rear panel for rack tuners - takes signal from PFL.
  • JR2 Remote
    For optional JR2 footswitch, controls A/B select and mute function. Choice of XLR or ¼" TRS.
  • JR2 Remote On
    Activates JR2 footswitch to allow remote control.
  • Ground Lift
    Lifts pi-1 on XLR to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops.
  • Pol
    Reverses pin-2 and 3 on the XLR to solve phase issues.
  • Balanced A/B Output
    Lo-Z XLR output sends signal from the active channel to mixer or modeling amp.
  • Unbalanced A/B Output
    Hi-Z output used to feed on-stage guitar amps.
  • Loop
    Used to insert effects pedals into the signal chain.
  • DI Box Out
    Balanced lo-Z direct box output on channels 5 and 6 to feed acoustic guitar or bass to the PA system.
  • Input
    ¼" guitar input – used to connect instrument or wireless system.
  • Thru
    ¼" direct thru-put used to feed a dedicated guitar amp or direct box.
  • Connectors
    Glass filled nylon connectors provide 100% isolation and excellent durability.
  • Push Switches
    Road proven Radial switches feature extra durable metal outer casing. Rated at over 20,000 cycles.
  • Eclipse Transformers
    Great sounding ET-DB2 direct box transformers deliver mic level output on channels 5 and 6.
  • Slider Switches
    Steel body, rated at over 20,000 cycles for years of trouble-free performance.
  • Sealed Relays
    Military grade relays with gold contacts are rated to last years without degradation.
  • Jensen Transformers
    High performance JT-11-YMPC output transformers deliver great tone without noise.
  • Circuit Board
    Double-sided military spec for greater durability and full ground plane to reduce radio frequency interference.
  • Dual Gang Potentiometers
    Double up solder points for greater durability. Steel casing with steel shaft and retention nut will not bend when under stress.
  • CH-5/6 DI Out Switch
    Recessed ‘set-and-forget’ switch allows you to turn the direct box outputs on and off using the channel ON switches. When this switch is set to OFF, the direct outputs can be turned on and off independently. When set to ON, the direct outputs will turn on and off with the channel ON switch.
  • Mute Assign
    When set to OFF, the direct box outputs remains active while the amp bus outputs are muted. When set to ON, the mute function will turn off the direct box outputs along with the A/B amp bus outputs.
  • Warranty: Radial 3-year, transferable


  • Audio circuit type:Class-A buffers with optical switching
  • Transformer: Eclipse ET-DB2 & Jensen JT-11-YMPC
  • Number of channels:6 guitars 2 amps
  • Frequency response:20Hz ~ 20kHz (± 1dB)
  • Dynamic range: 120dB
  • Clip Level:Channel Output :+22dBu Headphone: 5V RMS
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.007%
  • Intermodulation Distortion: 0.027%
  • Phase Deviation: <10° @ 50Hz
  • Input Impedance: Variable from 22K Ohm to 1M Ohm
  • Output Impedance: LR outputs - 680 Ohms
  • Equivalent Input Noise: -94.7dBu
  • Noise: -89.7dBu
  • Maximum Input: +18dBu
  • Features
    • 180° polarity reverse, Ground lift, Drag Control, Level Control, Effects Loop, Remote Footswitch
    • Input Connectors:6 x 1/4" inputs
    • Output Connectors:6 x 1/4" thru, 4 x 1/4" amplifier outputs, 4 x XLR balanced
    • Extras:2 x tuner outputs, Effects Loop, Optional JR-2 remote
  • General
    • Construction: 14 gauge steel chassis & outer shell
    • Size (L x W x D): 17.5" x 6" x 1.75" (44.5cm x 15.25cm x 1.75cm)
    • Weight:6.95lb (3


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