Radio Active Design UV-1G System Narrow-Band Wireless Intercom System

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Radio Active Design UV-1G System Narrow-Band Wireless Intercom System

System Includes:
(12) Radio Active Design AC3003 (BP-L) UV LI-ION Rechargeable Battery Pack
(2) Radio Active Design AC3001 (BC-4) 4-BAY Battery Charger
(6) Radio Active Design FP1000-4M (UV-1GBP) UV-1G Belt Pack A4M
(1) Radio Active Design FP4005 (VF-1) VHF Directional Antenna

Radio Active Designs has introduced the production community’s first ever Enhanced Narrow Band™ wireless intercom system.

Enhanced Narrow Band™ offers RF channels possessing an occupied bandwidth of a mere 25 kHz with the audio characteristics one would expect from a traditional FM system. The UV-1G also utilizes the relatively unused VHF range for all belt pack portable devices. This leaves more room for operation of other wireless devices, such as In-Ear Monitors and Wireless Microphones.

Version 2 Belt Pack Features:

Headset microphone bias voltage supports any headset
Belt pack battery life increased by 25%
Temperature has decreased
Belt pack audio vastly improved
Headset output offers greater gain and more dynamic range
With the latest firmware update in the base station, the system sounds better than any analogue wireless intercom on the market at this time

Features Include:

  • Each channel has an occupied bandwidth of 25kHz
  • Packs operate in the VHF Range which clears up valuable UHF spectrum for microphones and IEMs
  • Operate 30 base stations with up to 180 belt packs in the same UHF footprint as a 1 base station 4 beltpack system that uses traditional FM technology
  • UHF base to pack frequencies operate below allowed range of portable TVBDs
  • Up to 6 belt packs to one base station
  • Internal belt pack antennas
  • Feed hundreds of belt packs from on antenna
  • Audio quality of traditional FM intercom systems

RF Frequency Range: Base Station 470.025 to 607.975MHz (20mW to 250mW)
   614.025 to 615.975MHz & 653.025 to 662.975MHz (20mW
   Limited TX Power) (Post 600MHz Auction Compliance)
   Belt Pack 174.025-215.975MHz (10mW to 50mW TX Power)



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