Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer with Shure SM58 Mic & Cable

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    Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer w/ SM58 Mic & Cable

    Bundle Includes:
    • 1x Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer
    • 1x Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone
    • 1x 25ft XLR to XLR Microphone Cable

    Roland VT-4 Voice TransformerThe VT-4 is an effect processor for the instrument inside Roland's all—the human voice. And like the human voice, the VT-4 is easy to use, yet devastatingly effective. Whether you’re a solo electronic artist, DJ, or singer in a band, the VT-4 lets you craft and shape your own unique vocal sounds, from subtle augmentation to radical transformation. Everything is hands on, with no menu diving or programming to get in the way. Jaw-dropping effects like harmonizing, vocoding, pitch shifting, hard tuning, and more are just a push, slide, or turn away. And with its compact size and five-hour battery life, you can use the VT-4 anywhere.

    Today’s musical styles increasingly use unusual vocal sounds with heavy processing, making them stand out and grab the listener’s attention. With the VT-4, you have a wealth of modern and retro vocal effects at your fingertips, with no need to resort to a complicated setup with a computer and plug-ins. All the effects are top-notch, with everything from delay and reverb to mind-bending formant and vocoding effects. Better still, the VT-4’s performance-oriented interface lets you ride the controls while you sing to constantly alter the sound to suit the track and enhance the vibe of your performance.

    Great-sounding pitch and formant effects are hard to come by, especially without a computer. And real-time tweaking of these effects often results in nasty artifacts and other unpleasantness. With the VT-4 you have totally smooth, instant control over both pitch and formant, with dedicated faders for each. Dramatically change your entire persona from male to female, big to small, or good to evil—the choice is yours.

    Achieving complex vocal effects is easy with the VT-4, and you can even use multiple effects at the same time. Use the central Auto-Pitch knob to dial in just the right amount of hard-tuned effect, then press the Megaphone button for some lo-fi raunchiness. Or run the vocoder through a tape delay or vintage chorus. Each effect has a selection of one-touch variations, so you can get different vocoder characteristics, various lo-fi effects, multi-part harmonies, and distinct kinds of reverb and delay. Chain your effects, set the controls just how you like them, and then simply hold down a preset button to save that setup for later. Changing presets and tweaking controls is smooth and immediate, with no jarring artifacts, glitches, or dropouts.

    The VT-4 works great on its own and can harmonize and vocode without any input other than your voice. But plugging a MIDI keyboard into the VT-4 opens even more expressive possibilities, letting you control the Auto-Pitch, harmony, and vocoder engines in real time with the notes you play. You can hard-tune your voice to specific notes as you sing, or create instant multi-part harmonies with voicings that follow your chords. The VT-4’s small footprint sits nicely on most keyboards and is easy to integrate into your setup, dishing out huge backing vocals and funky vocoded leads by the bucketload.

    Whether it’s a weekly podcast or nightly multiplayer battle, if you’re broadcasting your voice on the internet, you only have so many ways to stand out. The VT-4’s combination of small size, simple controls, and USB-audio capabilities make it uniquely suited to altering your voice for YouTube broadcasts, game streaming, podcasting, and more. Take on the persona of different characters in diverse locations, or sound larger than life when taunting your foes. Add humor, danger, wit, and variety to your streaming broadcasts—your imagination is your only limitation.

    Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal MicrophoneThe legendary Shure SM58 vocal microphone is designed for professional vocal use in live performance, sound reinforcement, and studio recording. Its tailored vocal response for sound is a world standard for singing or speech. A highly effective, built-in spherical filter minimizes wind and breath "pop" noise. A unidirectional (cardioid) pickup pattern isolates the main sound source while minimizing unwanted background noise.

    Rugged construction, a proven shock-mount system, and a steel mesh grille ensure that even with rough handling, the SM58 will perform consistently, outdoors or indoors.

    The SM58 is known for its rugged reliability on tour.

    Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone Features:

    • Frequency response tailored for vocals, with brightened midrange and bass roll-off
    • Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source and minimizes background noise
    • Pneumatic shock-mount system cuts down handling noise
    • Effective, built-in spherical wind and pop filter
    • Supplied with break-resistant stand adapter which rotates 180 degrees
    • Legendary Shure quality, ruggedness and reliability
    • Cardioid (unidirectional) dynamic
    • Frequency response: 50 to 15,000 Hz
    • Replacement cartridge: R59
    • Includes microphone clip, storage bag and user guide
    • Application

    • Harmonica
    • Karaoke
    • Live Vocals

    25ft XLR to XLR Microphone Cable Features:

    • Touring grade, noiseless microphone cable
    • High-quality XLR connectors
    • Durable, flexible, abrasion-resistant jacket
    • Ideal for use with microphones, audio component cabling , and powered/active loudspeakers

    Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer Specifications:

      Nominal Input Level

    • Mic In: -40 to -12 dBu (variable)
    • Input Impedance

    • Mic In (Rear): 4.4 k ohms
    • Mic In (Front): 2.2 k ohms
    • Nominal Output Level

    • Line Out: -10 dBu
    • Output Impedance

    • Line Out: 1 k ohm
    • Phones: 24 ohms
    • Memory

    • Scene memory: 8
    • Effect Type


      • [1] Normal
      • [2] Octave-1
      • [3] Octave+1
      • [4] Feedback


      • [1] Megaphone
      • [2] Radio
      • [3] BBD Chorus
      • [4] Strobo


      • [1] Advanced
      • [2] VP
      • [3] Talk Box
      • [4] Spell Toy


      • [1] +5
      • [2] +3
      • [3] +3, -4
      • [4] +3, +5


      • [1] Reverb
      • [2] Echo
      • [3] Tempo Delay
      • [4] Dub Echo


    • Mic In jack (rear): Combo type (XLR, 1/4-inch TRS phone), balanced (phantom power: +48 V, 10 mA Max.)
    • Mic In jack (front): Stereo miniature phone type (plug-in power)
    • Phones jack: Stereo miniature phone type
    • Line Out jacks (L/MONO, R/Bypass): 1/4-inch phone type
    • USB port: USB type B
    • MIDI In jack
    • USB

    • Audio
    • Signal Processing

    • PC interface: 24 bits
    • AD/DA conversion: 24 bits
    • Sampling Frequency

    • AD/DA conversion: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz
    • Power Supply

    • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (AA, HR6) x 4
    • Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) x 4
    • Obtained via USB port (USB bus power)
    • Current Draw

    • 500 mA
    • Expected battery life under continuous use:

    • Alkaline battery (phantom power: Off): Approx. 6 hours
    • Alkaline battery (phantom power: On): Approx. 4 hours
    • Rechargeabl


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