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Unfortunately the TC Electronic Clarity X Monitor Controller System is no longer available. This page is here for reference. Check out the great alternatives on this page, or contact us to speak with one of our sales advisors about similar products.

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Unfortunately the TC Electronic Clarity X Monitor Controller System is no longer available. This page is here for reference. Check out the great alternatives on this page, or contact us to speak with one of our sales advisors about similar products.

Need help? Contact our product specialists.


TC Electronic Clarity X Monitor Controller System

Ultra-Flexible Monitor Controller for Channel Formats Up to 7.1 Surround with Calibrated Listening and Visual Feedback Meters

Meters Overview
The included meters are a very big part of Clarity X. You get a number of dedicated meters that you can read more about below. Besides the meters in the main monitoring engine, which always reflect what you are listening to, Clarity X offers a dedicated metering engine, featuring the renowned LM8 Loudness Radar Meter. With separate independent routing, this LM8 instance will measure and display the channels you have selected for metering at all times regardless of whether you're listening to them or not.

Calibrated Listening. Dedicated Metering. Increased Intelligibility.
Clarity X is an ultra-flexible monitor controller, covering channel formats up to 7.1 surround. Plus it includes several advanced meters that allow you to never compromise on the clarity and intelligibility of your mix.

Simply secure the best foundation for your crucial mix decisions, including monitor calibration, center channel balance, downmix and loudness compatibility, etc.

Clarity X helps you with all of this. And still, TC Electronic have merely scratched the surface of the best and most advanced Multi-Format Monitoring System ever created...

  • One-Stop Calibrated Listening - Measurement Microphone Included
  • Multiple, High-Precision Meters for Optimum Mix Decisions
  • Helps Increase the Intelligibility of Your Production

Calibrated Listening
TC Electronic's ears and brain react differently to various listening levels. Voices live in the mid-range and that has been important throughout evolution. So, at low levels, TC Electronic's brain emphasize the mid-range, while they allow more bass and treble at higher listening levels.
Consequently, if you mix at low levels you would be likely to boost the low and high areas more than you would at a higher listening level.
That is why you should always mix on a calibrated monitoring system: Playback at the same SPL simply ensures that your mixes remain consistent. The calibration wizard and perfectly adjusted measuring microphone gets you there.

Visual Feedback
You should always mix with your ears first, but having visual meters as well can be a great help.
Clarity X gives you 5 dedicated meters covering loudness/true-peak, center channel balance, SPL, downmix compatibility and dose usage. On the loudness side, you get TC Electronic's brand new LM8 that covers any channel formats up to 7.1 surround.
The best way to check downmix compatibility is to hit the remote and listen to your mix in stereo, but with the Stereo deviation meter you may save some precious time. In short, let your ears be your pilot, but allow your eyes to be your guide.

Speech Intelligibility
When mixing content with spoken words, it is absolutely crucial that what's being said is clear. Yet this issue is the single most common complaint broadcasters receive today.
Clarity X helps you create mixes with greater intelligibility in many ways, but a key component is the meter showing the Center Ratio.
TC Electronic have analyzed dialogs from film, drama and TV shows to determine the ideal loudness balance between the center channel (foreground) in a surround mix and the other channels (background)
If the actors mumble or the recording itself is poor, there is little they can do, but TC Electronic can help you keep an eye on the general balance which just may be what you need to always keep speech intelligibility at its best.

Speaker Calibration Wizard
Usually the process of calibrating your monitor speakers would take hours of work. But with the calibration wizard built into Clarity X, TC Electronic expedited that process, reducing the time spent to mere minutes. It's never been this easy - or fast.
Through a simple step-by-step procedure, you are led through the calibration process, ensuring that the level and delay settings are optimal for all speakers - across all selected sweet spots.
For further precision you can adjust your sub-woofers through the multi-point sub calibration to average out the low frequency resonances in your mixing room.

Icon Control
Besides using the dedicated remote control, you operate Clarity X through TC Electronic's free Icon control software that gives you access to all the setup tools, parameter settings, preset management, etc.
The Icon application runs on PC and Mac and if you're already using other Icon-compatible TC products, you can easily add Clarity X to your existing setup. You could even use a hardware Icon controller if you have one already.

Tools That Help Increase the Intelligibility of Your Mix
If you can't hear the dialog properly, there is a problem. It may not be yours, but there definitely is a problem - and it will cause viewer complaints.
TC Electronic set out to analyze a lot of film and TV dialogs - both good and bad cases. This way, they were able determine an ideal balance between the foreground and background audio, which would be the center channel versus the rest in a surround setup.
TC Electronic can not fix mumbling actors or bad microphone technique on the film set, but with the Center Ratio Meter you will be able to quickly see if you're in the right territory when it comes to the loudness balance between 'what's being said' and the rest.
Further, the Stereo Deviate Meter contributes to keep your surround mixes intelligible after downmix for stereo delivery. Add to that the precise speaker calibration and general loudness metering and each tool and process in combination with your ears will help you deliver the best-sounding and most intelligible mixes.

Mic-Less SPL Measurement
Once your monitoring system has been properly calibrated, Clarity X can very precisely calculate the SPL at each of the sweetspots even without using the measurement microphone, using TC Electronic's new, patent-pending mic-less SPL measurement technology.
If you prefer, you can of course use the classic approach and permanently mount the measurement microphone close to your listening position and rely on continuous measuring.
However, the measurement mic could never be in the exact listening position like it was during the initial calibration, and rest assured that the SPL number you will achieve from the mic-less SPL measuring is very, very accurate

Audio Signal Flow
Clarity X comes with 16 AES input channels plus aux (analog) and TOS. On the output side, you get 16 AES channels plus 8 analog outputs as well as headphones out. In total, you get 26 channels of inputs and outputs. Add the option of expanding with 64 MADI input channels and your input channel count increases to no less than 90.
The routing is extremely flexible, for instance you could switch seamlessly between two full surround mixes - maybe even one 5.1 and one 7.1 mix plus a stereo reference signal. You could then monitor your source(s) on a 5.1 or 7.1 monitor setup, but also switch to one or more stereo pairs to check how well your mix translates to other channel formats and speaker sizes.
Independently, you can route any input channel to the dedicated meter engine. Please note that some features depend on installed licenses and sample rate.

Noise Floor Zoom
Noise. Yet another small, but nonetheless potential, source of annoyance that may clutter up the clarity of your mix.

You may have one or more noise source


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