Tektronix WFM5200 Multi-format Waveform Monitor

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Tektronix WFM5200 Multi-format Waveform Monitor

The Tektronix Video WFM5200 Compact Video Waveform Monitor provides an ideal solution for basic video and audio (with Option AUD) monitoring needs with an integrated high-brightness, low-power consumption LED backlit display in a convenient 3RU, half-rack, short-depth form factor, suitable for space constrained environments. This versatile instrument can accept power from a 12 V DC source, a battery, or a 100-240 V AC converter.


  • Provides ideal solution for basic video and audio (with Option AUD) monitoring needs
  • Video Formats: HD-SDI, SD-SDI, 3G-SDI (Option), Dual Link
  • Audio Formats: Embedded (Option)
  • Measurements: Waveform & Vector, Loudness Metering (Option), Closed Caption (Option), Subtitles (Option), ANC Data (Option), Gamut
  • Ideal for space-constrained environments with 3RU height, half-rack width, short-depth (5.5 in.)
  • 4-pin XLR DC power input with AC power adapter for both AC/DC operation
  • Equipped with four SDI inputs for multiformat, multistandard support:
    • Comes standard with auto-detection of HD/SD-SDI and multiple Dual Link video formats
    • HDR graticules and HDR zebra overlay for HDR content creation (Option PROD)
    • Multiple Input Mode allows monitoring of up to four SDI inputs simultaneously for multiple camera monitoring applications (Option CAM)
    • Two-channel Simultaneous Monitoring (Option CAM)
    • 3G-SDI (Level A and Level B) format support that includes monitoring a single SDI cable in Quad SDI 4K production system with two sample interleave (Option 3G)
    • 16-channel embedded AES/EBU audio simultaneous monitoring support with Multichannel Surround Sound 1 display and flexible Lissajous display (Option AUD)
    • Audio Loudness monitoring to ITU-R BS.1770-3/1771, EBU R 128, and ATSC A/85 recommendations (Option AUD and LOUD required)
  • Provides patented Diamond and Arrowhead displays for color gamut compliance monitoring
  • Spearhead and Luma Qualified Vector displays facilitate precise color adjustment for post-production (Option PROD)
  • Stereoscopic 3D video displays for camera alignment and production/post-production applications (Option S3D)
  • Comprehensive data monitoring (Option DATA) helps to quickly resolve difficult content quality and reliability issues
  • Simple 3G/HD/SD color bar and pathological signal generator (Options GEN and 3G) for troubleshooting signal paths and equipment
  • Provides variety of monitoring displays:
    • Patented Timing and Lightning displays makes facility and interchannel timing easy
    • Waveform display of external reference (Black Burst or Tri-Level Sync)
    • Black Picture and patented Frozen Picture detection
    • Extensive alarms, status reporting, and error logging for 10,000 events simplifies error correction tasks
    • Voltage and Timing Cursor for precise measurement
    • User-definable Safe Area Graticules and AFD Graticule facilitate editing and format conversion tasks
  • Offers unmatched display versatility:
    • Flexible Quad Tile display tailored to various applications needs to increase productivity
    • TandemVu Display for efficient camera adjustments of luma and chroma
    • Full Screen mode that maximizes display size for precise adjustments
  • Designed with unmatched usability:
    • 32 instrument presets for quick recall of commonly used configurations tailored to colorists, editors, or operators
    • Front-panel USB port enables easy transfer of presets, screenshots, and error log
    • Front-panel headphone port for easy monitoring of audio channels
    • High-brightness display with crisp, high-resolution LED backlight, ideal for indoor and outdoor usage
    • SNMP/Ethernet remote interface capabilities and GPI control facilitate centralized monitoring and control
    • DVI-I external display output for easy connection to digital or analog XGA display


  • Inputs:
    • 4 inputs
    • Auto-detection between 3G, Dual Link, HD, and SD signals (Option 3G required for 3G formats)
  • Input Type: BNC, internally terminated 75 Ω
  • Input Level: 800 mVpp, ±10%
  • Input Equalization:
    • 270 Mbps: Up to 215 m of type 1694A cable
    • 1.5 Gbps: Up to 200 m of type 1694A cable
    • 3 Gbps : Up to 130 m of type 1694A cable
  • Output:
    • SDI Switched Output
    • Selectable, active input, or test signal
  • Input/Output Return Loss:
    • 15 dB from 1 MHz to 1.5 GHz, power on or off
    • 10 dB from 1.5 GHz to 3 GHz, power on or off
  • Monitor Output: Signal format (DVI-I output) - 1024 × 768, 60 Hz vertical rate
  • External Reference:
    • Input Type: Passive loop through BNC, 75 Ω compensated
    • Input Impedance: 20 kΩ, nominal (DC)
    • Return Loss:
    • >40 dB to 6 MHz
    • >35 dB to 30 MHz
  • Lock Range: ±50 ppm
  • Serial Digital Waveform Vertical Characteristics:
    • Vertical Measurement Accuracy: At 1x gain, ±0.5% of 700 mV full scale; at 5x gain, ±0.2% of 700 mV full scale
    • Gain: 1x, 5x, variable range 0.25x to >7.5x
    • Frequency Response:
      • SD:
        • Luminance (Y) channel ±0.5% to 5.75 MHz
        • Color Difference channels (Pb, Pr) ±0.5% to 2.75 MHz
      • HD:
        • Luminance (Y) channel ±0.5% to 30 MHz
        • Difference channels (Pb, Pr) ±0.5% to 15 MHz
  • Waveform Horizontal Characteristics:
    • Sweep Timing Accuracy: ±0.1%
    • Sweep Linearity: ±0.1%
  • Audio Characteristics:
    • Level Meter Resolution:
      • 0.056 dB steps at 30 dB scale from full scale to -20 dBFS
      • 0.20 dB steps at 70 dB scale for signals above -20 dBFS
    • Meter Ballistics: True peak, PPM type 1, PPM type 2, BBC PPM, extended VU, Loudness
    • Defined / Programmable Level Detection: Mute, clip, user-programmable silence, over
    • Level Meter Accuracy: -0.5 dB (for analog), -0.2 dB (for digital) from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 0 to -40 dBFS sine wave, Peak Ballistic mode
    • Power:
      • 12 VDC In
      • Power adapter accepts 100 to 240 VAC ±10% 50/60 Hz
  • Input:
    • Voltage Range:
      • 12 to 15 VDC nominal
      • 10.75 to 18 VDC min-max operating
    • Supply Connection:
      • XLR 4-pin male connector
      • Pin 1 = V(-)
      • Pin 4 = V(+)
      • Pin 2, 3: NC
    • Power Consumption:
      • 27 W typical
      • 35 W max
    • Surge: 10 A at 12 V
    • Fuse Rating: 4 A, internal self-resetting fuse
  • Physical Characteristics :
    • Dimensions: 5.3 x 8.4 x 5.5" (13.3 x 21.3 x 14 cm)
    • Weight: 3.3 lb (1.5 kg)
  • Packaging Info:
    • Package Weight: 10.15 lb
    • Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 17.2 x 14.7 x 12.2"
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