Ultimate Acoustics 24x24 Charcoal Wedge Panel 12-Pack

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Ultimate Acoustics 24x24 Charcoal Wedge Panel 12Pk

Nothing says, 'making music' like a cool studio environment. The UA-WPW-24's deep wedge design inspires creativity by drawing on decades of classic studio tradition. You'll know you're in good company when your space looks and feels like the great recording studios. But great music isn't just about appearances with the right deployment, your space will sound great too, whether you're recording, practicing, or just listening.

The Ultimate Acoustic UA-WPW-24 professional Absorption Panel gives a classic, 'Studio' look and feel to any small, medium or large space. The traditional wedge design helps control troublesome mid to high frequencies, eliminating flutter, comb filtering, and other interferences that can blur stereo imaging and lead to bad mixing decisions. UA-WPW-24 panels can be installed in a variety of ways - hang them as squares, diamonds, or any combination of both. Whatever your style, the UA-WPW-24 makes it easy to get your space looking and sounding the way you want it to. And Ultimate Acoustics' free Room Analysis App helps you plan and execute the ideal deployment for your space and application.

Room Analysis App: Design with a PurposeTake the guesswork out of your room design with Ultimate Acoustics' Room Analysis App. This free iOS app takes the exact parameters of your room and your intended application, and creates a detailed diagram that takes in account using different types of treatments (panels, bass traps, partially reflective vs. fully absorptive) to maximize acoustical response. Built by Ultimate's leading acoustic engineers, the app helps you choose the right combination of surfaces in the right places to pack some real intelligence into the design of your space.


  • More Foam for More Absorption
  • Maximum High Frequency Attenuation
  • Controlled, Not Dead


  • Part Name: UA-WPB-24
  • Part Number: 17612
  • Size: 24" x 24" x 12"
  • Type: Wall Panel
  • QTY: 12
  • Design Style: Wedge
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Adhesive Squares Included


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