Ushio JR12V-37with SP/FG/IR 37W Lamp

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    Ushio JR12V-37W/SP/FG/IR 37W Lamp

    Consumers today demand energy-saving, long life lighting options that will not sacrifice the quality of their lighted environment. USHIO's new Eurostar IR Infrared Halogen MR16 lamps fulfill both of these demands. They reduce energy consumption by 30% compared to standard halogen MR16 lamps, they last an average of 6,000 hours and they maintain the crisp, white halogen light and superior beam control that makes any application look its best.

    Thanks to an advanced infrared-reflective film coating process applied to the halogen capsule which allows visible light to pass through the glass envelope while reflecting the infrared energy back to the filament. These lamps are able to produce a high light output while maintaining an optimum operating temperature and reduce the energy used by the lamp.

    In addition to the advanced capsule design, the Eurostar IR lamps incorporate the same premium characteristics that other lamps in the Eurostar MR16 family feature. This includes the multi-layer titanium oxide coated reflector that allows the lamp to produce consistent color throughout life, as well as the precision aligned axial filament for optimal beam control.

    The Eurostar IR lamp series has the longest rated life of any IR MR16 lamp on the market. At 6,000 hours average rated life the Eurostar IR lamps offer 20% greater life than other IR MR16 lamps and 50% more life than some standard MR16 lamps.

    Available in 37W and 50W versions in Spot 9°, Narrow Flood 25°, Flood 35° and Wide Flood 60° beam spreads.

    • Special IR technology provides up to 30% energy savings
    • 37W Eurostar IR MR16 replaces standard 50W halogen MR16
    • 50W Eurostar IR MR16 replaces standard 75W halogen MR16
    • Long Life - 6,000 hour average life
    • Halogen Capsule Cuts Harmful UV - Reduces the amount of material wear from harmful UV radiation
    • Advanced Titanium Oxide Coating - Consistent color throughout lamp life
    • Axial Filament - Provides optimal light output and consistent beam spreads
    • Crisp white Halogen light
    • Base type GU5.3
    • Universal burn position
    • Museums and Galleries
    • Retail Shops
    • Offices and Commercial Areas
    • Hotels and Restaurants
    • Track Lighting
    • Accent Lighting


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