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    Have you ever wanted a recording of your live performances? There's no better feeling than to hear yourself on CD. KJs, imagine the money you could make selling singers CDs of their own performance, and for DJ's there is no better way to record your mixes than with the Recording Artist-300.

    Complete Recording and Live Performance System:

    VocoPro's Recording Artist-300 is a live performance system that includes a DVX-880 PRO multi-format disc player, DA-1050 PRO mixer and equalizer, two MARK CV-1 condenser mics, a pair of PV-420 180W powered speakers, and the new CDR-1000 PRO which lets you record live performances, in real-time and directly to disc.

    The Most Efficient Recording:

    The CDR-1000 PRO records directly from a mixer and lets you create multiple tracks on each disc for a more realistic final product. Once recording is finished, you can "Finalize" the disc, making it playable on most home and car CD players. The Record Level Meter lets you know if the recording level is too high or low, and the Record Level Control lets you adjust the recording level to avoid peaking, allowing you to get a perfect level every time. Its connection options include L/R Balanced XLR in/outs, L/R Unbalanced RCA in/outs and even a Digital Coaxial input. So whether it's a karaoke singer or a full band performing, they can walk off stage with a finalized disc in their hand.

    Pro-Quality Tone:

    The DA-1050 PRO gives you all the tonal adjustments you need to create pro-sounding disc after disc. Its parametric EQ lets you adjust the High, Low, Sweep and Midrange of the overall microphone signal, and the Digital Echo with Repeat and Delay controls give vocals that studio-produced sound that's sure to impress. The Dual 7-Band Equalizers lets you adjust, with precision, the left and right channels of source music, producing an even better sound than the original CD. Other features include individual volume controls for the mic channels, Vocal Cancel for removing vocal tracks from Multiplex CD+G's, and two available RCA A/V inputs for connecting CD, DVD, CD+G and even Mp3 players.

    Everything you need:

    The DVX-880 PRO multi-format player supports CD, DVD, Mp3, DivX, CD+G and more. It includes a full-function remote control for easy access to all playback functions, and you can program a custom track order of up to 20 tracks. Its two mic input channels with individual volume control let you add two more mics to the system for a total of 8 vocalists. The two PV-420 Powered speakers are designed to produce ultra clear vocals and pump music to the whole room. The entire system comes encased in sturdy, road-ready 19" rack case, giving you the ultimate protection and making transport simple.

    VocoPro's Recording Artist systems give you that must-have ability to record performances, plus an up-to-date live sound that every KJ and DJ needs. Get ahead of the game and order one today.

    • Burn music to CD-R, CD-RW, 8cm CD-R and 8cm CD-RWs live and in real time
    • Create finalized Discs that can play in standard home and car CD players
    • Multi-Format Disc player reads DVD, CD, CD+G, DivX, VCD, Mp3 and more
    • Connect up to 8 microphones at one time
    • Parametric EQ for vocals and 7-band Graphic EQ for source music
    • Vocal speakers produce crisp clear vocals and music
    • Includes speaker stands and road-ready rack case


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