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Williams Sound IC-2 Interpreter Control Console

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Williams Sound IC-2 Interpreter Control Console

Interpreter Control Console

The Williams Sound IC-2 is an audio control center for simultaneous interpretation of one or more languages. As a stand-alone unit, it allows one or two interpreters to monitor floor or relay sources, activate microphone inputs, and route the interpretation signal to one of two language groups. Ideal for presentation-style conferences of up to 14 languages, where a floor and a single relay language are used. Can be used with Williams Sound FM, infrared and Digi-Wave™ transmitters for portable or fixed installations. Designed to meet international standards for portable interpretation consoles.

System includes:

  • (1) IC-2 interpreter control console
  • (1) WCA 091 25’ CAT 5 cable
  • (1) TFP 044 power supply


  • CAT 5 audio offers simplified cabling and easy cascading to support additional interpreters.
  • Built-in distribution amplifier and mini mixer reduce the need for external equipment and greatly simplify setup.
  • Floor language feed-through
  • Interlocking microphone and relay output functions
  • Enhanced flexibility, providing each interpreter with multiple microphone and headset options
  • Five-year warranty


  • IC-2 architectural and engineering specifications:
    • The IC-2 is an audio control center powered by an 18VDC universal (100 – 240 VAC) power supply. It is housed in a black and grey steel enclosure 10" x 6.35" x 2.45".
    • The IC-2 shall have individual rotary volume and tone controls for two interpreters (L & R). Input and output selection is selected with soft touch buttons for smooth quiet operation. The console shall have two selectable listening modes (blue, relay and floor) and two selectable output modes (yellow, normal and relay). The unit shall have two microphone select buttons (red when activated) and microphone (push and hold) for mute.
    • Each unit shall have an RJ-45 input and output for interconnection to additional IC-2s via CAT 05 audio bus cable eliminating the need for additional distribution amplifiers. It shall have an XLR floor in jack with gain control. It shall have XLR and RCA relay and normal outputs. It shall have switchable normal and relay selection and ground lift capability.
    • It has one XLR audio input jack for microphone with its own rotary gain control and switchable 12V power supply for each interpreter (L & R). It has 3.5mm microphone input (with rotary gain control) and 3.5mm headphone output jacks. Each side shall also have a 3.5mm combination headset jack for use with Ipod style headsets.
  • IC-2:
    • Dimensions/Weight/Color: 10" (25.4cm) x 6.35" (6.2cm) x 2.45" (6.2cm) / 3.4 lbs (1.5 kg) / Black and Silver
    • Power: External Power Supply, 18VDC Desktop Style Switching Inverter, 110-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1A
  • Inputs / outputs:
    • Floor In: 3-pin XLR female jack, balanced (or unbalanced) input with 24k Ω differential input impedance, max balanced input is +19dBu
    • IC-2 Bus In / Out: CAT5 8p8c RJ45 female receptacle, distributes balanced line level Floor and Relay audio to another IC-2
    • XLR Microphone Inputs: 3-pin XLR female jack, balanced (or unbalanced) input. Switchable 12VDC simplex power. Variable gain of 58 dB, 2.4k Ω balanced input impedance, maximum balanced input is +19 dBu
    • 3.5mm Microphone Inputs: Stereo 3.5 mm TRS phone jack, pink, and stereo 3.5mm TRRS phone jack, black, unbalanced (r,s) for electret condenser mics, variable gain of 40dB. Bias is 3.7VDC through 2.7k Ω
    • 3.5mm TRRS Headphone Output: 3.5mm TRRS phone jack, Tip = Left, Ring 1 = Right, Ring 2 = GND, Sleeve = Mic. 40mW max power into 32 Ω stereo headset.
    • 3.5mm Headphone Output: 3.5mm TRS phone jack, mono or stereo headphone, 8 Ω minimum. 190mW max power into 32 Ω stereo headset.
    • Norm Out, Relay Out: 3-pin XLR male jack, balanced output. Max output is +19dBu into 600 Ω balanced load impedance.
  • Controls:
    • Volume: Left and Right rotary, controls headphone volume
    • Bass and Treble Tone: Left and right rotary with center detent, controls headphone bass and treble tone levels.
    • Mute: Push button, backlit red, mutes left and right mics while pressed.
    • Mic On: Push button, backlit bright red, activates microphone. Right and left Mic On buttons are interlocked; mic can only be turned on if the other is off.
    • Floor Input, Relay Input: Push buttons, backlit blue, select listening language group. Listening modes are either/or: turning one on disables the other.
    • Relay Output: Push button, backlit yellow, selects microphone output language group: light on = Relay Out, light off = Norm Out.
    • Gain Adjust: Rotary gain pots control level of microphone and Floor audio.
    • Phantom Power: Slide switch enables 12VDC Simplex power to XLR microphone.
    • Norm Feedthrough: Slide switch enables Floor feedthrough to Norm Out XLR jack.
    • Relay Feedthrough: Slide switch enables Floor feedthrough to Relay Out XLR jack.
    • Ground Lift: Slide switch disconnects Chassis and Audio Grounds internal to the console.
  • Indicator:
    • Peak Level Indicator Green LED on back panel indicates optimal audio output level on Norm Out XLR when blinking. Relay Output in Use Indicator Yellow LED on front panel indicates when Relay Output is in use.
    • Audio output Frequency Response 45Hz to 20kHz, +0/-3dB re: 1kHz with flat bass/treble Distortion at 1kHz <0.5% THD @ full power Signal to Noise Ratio>82dB @ 1kHz Crosstalk Attenuation >63dB @ 1kHz Tone Controls Bass: +12dB Boost or -12dB Cut @ 100Hz Treble: +12dB Boost or -12dB Cut @ 10kHz Approvals and Declarations CE, FCC, Industry Canada, RoHS, C-Tick, CB Warranty 5 years, parts and labor (90 days on accessories)


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