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Whether your Production Company is small or large, we can assist you developing a professional sound, lighting and or video solution. From helping fill in with a couple of uplights for a smaller wedding production to helping you with large-scale complete turn-key concert stages including truss, rigging, stages, front of house and backend speakers, mixers and full lighting, video, laser fixtures and control systems, PSSL sales advisors can help design and coordinate deliver by your deadline to your location through our System’s Group. All within your your ideal budget. Simply call us or submit your information and one of our sales advisors will call reach out to you.
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Production Company Sound, Lighting and Video Technology Advances

The last 10 years have brought significant technology advances to production company audio video and lighting. High-power video friendly LED stage lights and LED moving head lights bring dramatic reductions in power consumption while also reducing heat. Digital wireless mics have improved frequency options and more stable connections resulting in fewer dropouts. PSSL offers some of the best truss and stage options with large instock selections and free design services for ultra-fast delivery to your location or direct to your jobsite. We even offer several production company extended financing and leasing options. Advances in professional line-array speakers provide more even coverage which means your audience in the front rows are no longer blasted-out while attendees on the sides and back can now clearly hear everything with the precision you intended. These speaker advances coupled with new digital mixer technologies produce professional concert results at a fraction of the costs of similar gear from 10 years ago. Contact us today to learn how your production company can take advantage of the latest advances in professional sound, lighting and audio solutions.


Get Your Production Company the Right Equipment and Best Brands

As your clients prepare their weddings, performances and presentations and book your services, be sure to protect your reputation and get future referrals with reliable truss, staging, pro audio, LED lighting and uplighting and LED video walls. Don’t leave things to chance with sub-par or outdated gear - use proven brands that are designed and built for exactly what you are doing (ensureing your clients’ gigs go-off with perfection). Our sales advisors are trained by the manufactures to help design seamless production company truss, staging, audio and video solutions - all guaranteed to do what we say they will. Even if you just need a couple of uplights please call us and allow our System’s Group to help you select the best gear at the best price for your specific need. No situation is too small for a call. Avoid the pitfalls and unnecessary returns for accidentally investing in the wrong production company audio, video or lighting gear by a simple call or email to us. Let us help you get it right the first time.


Contacting PSSL Will Improve the Outcome of Your Production Company's AVL Project

Allow PSSL to become your partner and help your production company’s truss, stagging, audio, video lighting project achieve its best results with our professional and courteous factory trained sales advisors. No project or gear need is too small, so make the call today!

  • Financing and leasing options help spread out the cost of ownership. Why rent when in many cases we can offer extended financing options with free interest, please check with our sales advisors for more information.
  • Get your gear on-time. We keep 1000’s of products in-stock in our own warehouse that we ship directly to you. We coordinate with hundreds of manufactures to deliver the right church sound, lighting and video equipment directly to you ensuring you get what you need when you need it most.
  • Free design services and tech support, before and after you buy the gear. PSSL can provide computer aided acoustical analysis of your church to ensure proper speaker type and placement. We can provide detailed lighting analysis to ensure you have just the right quantity, layout, light color temperature and light lumen output for all your church’s lighting including commercial office space, parking lots, sanctuary house and stage lights.
  • Real people that you can speak to are ready to assist you including just talking through ideas and concepts. We are here and ready when you need us.
  • 43 Years of professional church sound, video and lighting services - Throughout our history we have helped 1000’s of houses of worship improve the Message and improve their presentation. Many of our crew actively participate in their own church’s AVL including running sound and or lights and even playing in worship bands.