Collection: L-Acoustics

L-Acoustics is an industry leader in sound reinforcement technologies. Solotech's PSSL selection of L-Acoustics products includes active and passive speakers, processors, and amplifiers.

L-Acoustics is always pushing things forward. It’s been that way since 1984 when a physicist named Dr. Christian Heil founded the company in France. His fascination with acoustics is written into the DNA of each and every cutting edge product produced in this auspicious brand’s catalog. The team assembled by Dr. Heil cemented L-Acoustics as a groundbreaking audio juggernaut in the mid-90s by popularizing line source array loudspeakers with their V-DOSC system. The V-DOSC system utilized the Wavefront Sculpture Technology (WST) theory that was developed by Dr. Heil alongside Professor Marcel Urban. Using a patented DOSC waveguide, a revolutionary high-frequency device that creates a constant-phase planar output, WST provides specific criteria for the design and use of line source arrays.

The 90s continued to be a defining decade for L-Acoustics with the introduction of the ARCS Constant Curvature Array, an expansion on concepts formulated by WST, and the dV-DOSC modular line source. When compared to conventional line source systems, ARCS has the advantage of offering a perfect control over horizontal coverage and a smooth tonal balance over all frequencies. The wavefront emitted horizontally by the enclosure allows uniform coverage in increments. Inspired by the legendary V-DOSC, dV-DOSC became the standard in line source technology for both the fixed installation and rental production markets. As a standalone system, dV-DOSC complies with rigging and visual limitations in theatres, concert halls, convention centers and sport facilities. dV-DOSC delivers a flat contour, clarity, precision and intelligibility for vocal material and lead instruments with a unique near-field perception, offering an incomparable listening experience.

In the early part of this century, L-Acoustics began to develop an incredibly generous training program for system engineers, sound designers, and audio professionals worldwide. ProSound and Stage Lighting (PSSL) and our sales reps are privileged enough to take part in these rigorous, hands-on training sessions that expand traditional practical knowledge of loudspeakers with physics principles and deployment methodology.

L-Acoustics brought their pioneering spirit to software in 2004 with the introduction of the world’s first 3D sound system modeling program, Soundvision. This game-changing software allowed sound designers and system engineers to model out both indoor and outdoor venues in order to accurately predict a sound system’s performance. The LA4 and LA8 Amplified Controllers were the next advancement in L-Acoustics’ impressive line. These conveniently-sized units were the standard controllers for deploying sound reinforcement systems and boasted cutting-edge amplification as well as network control and comprehensive system protection.

Undoubtedly, the jewel in L-Acoustics’ weighty crown is L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound, an incomparable object-based technology that essentially connects the audience with the performers. L‑ISA technology consists of a highly specified combination of innovative loudspeaker configurations, object-based mixing, and processing tools. L-ISA uses a full system approach that dramatically increases loudspeaker resolution, further immerses the audience in sound from all directions, adds a multidimensional layer with object-based mixing, establishes direct spatial connections between objects and sound for all audience sizes, and more.

If you have questions about L-Acoustics products, need to revamp your current system, or need an audio expert to guide you through the design of a new venue, give ProSound and Stage Lighting a call today. Between the boundary pushing science of L-Acoustics and the knowledge of a well-trained PSSL rep, there’s no limit to what can be dreamed up.