Collection: QSC

Welcome to QSC, your destination for powerful audio solutions.

The origins of QSC can be traced back to founder Pat Quilter’s unconventional decision to walk away from college so that he could focus on building his own electronics. Pat moved to Southern California to further his experiments, placing himself in the middle of a community of musicians and artists. Being awarded several design patents was the result of Pat’s dedication to helping evolve guitar amplifiers into professional audio amplifiers. Eventually, QSC was founded in Pat’s small garage in Costa Mesa, California, selling power amplifiers assembled on wood and steel benches one-by-one from the back of a van. Throughout its history, QSC has set its sights on empowering performers by providing exceptional products and unparalleled support. Today, QSC prides itself on being a leading manufacturer and global innovator. The international operations boast R&D, manufacturing, sales, and marketing support and operations teams.

The QSC Loudspeaker line includes everything from powered subwoofers and line arrays to installation and cinema solutions. ProSound and Stage Lighting’s best selling QSC loudspeaker is the K12-2 12-Inch 2-Way Powered Speaker. This lightweight standard is perfect for the touring DJ and is considered one of the finest speakers you can buy for under $1,000. If you’re looking for something a bit more compact, QSC offers the K10-2 and the K8-2. On the bass side of things, the QSC KS118, another PSSL favorite, is a 3,600-Watt 18-inch high output active subwoofer that creates an extremely impressive low frequency. Another popular option is the KS112, QSC’s 12-inch 2,000-Watt subwoofer.

In order to ensure their products are being used and transported properly, QSC offers a large line of accessories that live up the standards set by their respected loudspeakers. QSC speaker covers feature soft, padded weather-resistant Nylon and mesh materials that protect loudspeakers from scratches, dents, and dings. QSC speaker poles are constructed with the highest quality materials and are specially designed to stabilize speakers pushed even to their extreme.

The newest and most exciting loudspeaker line introduced by QSC is the L Class. This new generation of active loudspeaker is advanced, intelligent and perfect for applications ranging from portable plug-and-play setups to demanding, professional AV productions as well as fixed installations. L Class has quickly become a high demand line due to its exceptional performance and audio experience via high-output amplification, state of the art DSP, premium components, extensive system intelligence, and super intuitive interface. These loudspeakers are as powerful and simple to use as it gets. They require only a single person for setup/teardown without tools or external hardware and boast a one-button full array optimization using proprietary DSP algorithms.

ProSound and Stage Lighting (PSSL) has a long and storied relationship with QSC. Our sales reps have gone through countless training sessions with the experts at QSC and are standing by to guide you through any questions you may have or challenges you may face. Give us a call today if you’d like to know more about QSC’s cutting edge L Class series of loudspeakers or are on the hunt for a portable speaker that packs a powerful punch.