Yorkville SA221S Dual 21-Inch Bass Reflex Powered Subwoofer

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    Yorkville SA221S Dual 21-Inch Bass Reflex Powered Subwoofer

    The dual 21" Yorkville Sound SA221S is a professional, powered portable PA subwoofer from the Synergy Array Series system and is designed to be used as a dedicated subwoofer for the SA153 full-range top or used in conjunction with the SA153 full-range speaker and the SA315S powered subwoofer to create a scalable point-source sound system well suited for professional sound reinforcement companies, rental houses, touring bands, musicians, festivals, concerts, mobile DJs, and other sound providers.

    Yorkville has invested a lot of time and research into developing and building their own amplifiers, customizing other raw speaker manufacture products, and using sophisticated DSP to optimize performance/protection, resulting in remarkable peak power transients. The SA221S has visceral and punchy transients followed by a massive, enveloping sustained bass tone, making it a great addition to any setup, especially for bass-oriented events.

    The rear panel provides a simplified set of controls for integrating the subwoofer into any environment. A switch for the high-pass filter offers a 50 or 100 Hz for use with the SA315S subwoofer or the SA135 full-range speaker respectively. There are indicator LEDs for power, activity, input clip, X-Max limiting, and VC-Limiting. The integrated DSP provides processing to prevent over-excursion (X-Max), voice coil overheating (VC thermal) and clipping. With the use of IIR filters for crossover and equalization, the Synergy system provides clean and accurate audio reproduction.

    A small delay is added to time align with the SA153 top box, while the X-Max limiter and the VC thermal limiter are both frequency sensitive and calibrated to match the characteristics of the driver and cabinet system. The Sub Level control knob attenuates or boosts the subwoofer's output, while a dedicated Average Power Limit knob (100%, 75%, and 50%) can be advanced to limit the power draw in cases where there is less than ample power available. This is a huge benefit for touring and mobile applications, where the available power changes from night to night. By limiting the average power, you can ensure that you won't trip that 15-amp breaker that happens to be sharing power with the ice machine.

    The SA221S has a single XLR input with two parallel XLR outputs for connecting a SA153 speaker or additional SA221S subwoofers. Up to 20 subwoofers/tops can be daisy-chained without signal loss (with balanced cables). The rugged enclosure is made from 15mm Birch plywood with a tough speaker paint coating. Two stand adapters are available on top or on the side of the subwoofer. Rubber feet and cups are also on the side and bottom to ensure stability when stacking. Four locking swivel casters are on the rear of the cabinet for ease in transportation. A power cable is included.

    • Bass-Reflex powered subwoofer: 6000W (program), 17,000W (peak)
    • Large capacitor bank ensures powerful transients with long sustained bass tones without power sag. Bass performance remains strong throughout a long signal duration.
    • Dual 21" neodymium woofers with 4.5" voice coil
    • Fully scalable for any size event
    • Designed for use with Synergy SA153 full-range speaker and SA315S subwoofer
    • Exceptionally high output and deep bass
    • Measured max SPL (C-weighted, max hold): 130.6 dB continuous, 142.6 dB peak
    • Frequency response (±3 dB): 28 to 100 Hz
    • Crossover frequency: 50 or 100 Hz low-pass
    • Constructed of high-strength multiply birch plywood
    • DSP uses IIR filters for crossover and equalization
    • DSP platform provides processing to prevent over-excursion (X-Max), voice coil overheating (VC thermal), and clipping
    • Reduces power operation on limited availability
    • Full power transients will be allowed through, but limits if the average power is excessive
    • Works by advancing the limiter that limits the voice coil temperature
    • Average power limit control:
      • 100%: power is limited only by the voice coil temperature 
      • 75%: music with deep continuous bass will be limited but many types of music will not
      • 50%: only certain types of music will not be limited, primarily music without deep bass or where the bass is unprocessed. Voice applications typically will not be limited in the 50% position

    Yorkville Sound SA221S Specs

    • PA Speaker
      • Configuration
        • Active Dual Subwoofer
      • Enclosure Type
        • Bass-Reflex Subwoofer
      • Total Power Capacity
        • 6000 W Program
        • 17,000 W Peak
      • Amplifier Class
        • Class-D
    • Drivers
      • LF Driver
        • 2 x 21" / 53.34 cm Woofer
      • LF Voice Coil
        • 4.5" / 114.3 mm
      • Magnet
        • Neodymium
    • Performance
      • Frequency Response
        • 28 Hz to 100 Hz ±3 dB
      • Maximum SPL
        • 142.6 dB (Peak)
        • 130.6 dB (Continuous)
      • Gain Range
        • -24 dB to +8 dB
      • I/O Impedance
        • Input:
          • 35 Kilohms (Balanced)
        • Protections
          • Crossover Overload, Excursion, Output Limiter, Overvoltage, Power Supply, Thermal
    • Connectivity
      • Audio I/O
        • 1 x XLR 3-Pin Female Balanced Line Input
        • 2 x XLR 3-Pin Male Balanced Line Output
        • 1 x XLR 3-Pin Male Balanced High-Pass Output
    • Signal Processing
      • Crossover
        • 50 / 100 Hz
      • Dynamic Processing
        • Fast Limiter, Limiter, Peak Limiter
    • Power
      • AC Input Power
        • Universal:
          • 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz 
        • AC Power Connector
          • 1 x powerCON Input (Locking)
          • 1 x powerCON Output (Locking)
      • Current Consumption
        • 120 VAC:
          • 16 A (Max)
          • 12 A (Typical)
        • 240 VAC:
          • 8 A (Max)
          • 6 A (Typical)
    • Physical
      • Handles
        • 4 x Top
        • 4 x Bottom
        • 4 x Each Side
      • Cooling
        • Convection
      • Construction Material
        • Plywood
      • Dimensions
        • 37.8 x 29.8 x 47.5" / 96 x 75.7 x 120.7 cm (With Casters)
      • Weight
        • 319 lb / 144.7 kg


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